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Information Security Awareness and Training

Technology security awareness and education classes and seminars are provided through monthly meetings and other venues. Topics include the latest types and occurrences of malware, piracy, intrusions, etc. as reported by IT media sources, the prevention and remediation of breaches, the presentation of security software and electronic security tools that are being considered for acquisition by the University, and any other information that will help participants comply with University IT security, data safeguarding and computer usage policies.

Information security awareness training is mandatory for ALL University employees and is required to be completed within 30 days of your initial email notice. Completion of the training is tracked through University Training and Development. Each of the following Information Security Training modules contains a video and a quiz with five questions. For successful completion of the training, 75 percent of the questions must be answered correctly. 


  • Getting the best out of passwords
  • Protecting against viruses, spyware and spam
  • Safe and secure email use
  • Safe and secure web use
  • Understanding the impact of cybercrime

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