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Nathan Paschal

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Name: Nathan Paschal   

Hometown: Aiken, S.C.

Year in School: Junior                          

Major: Graphic Design

Nathan is a graphic design student.

Nathan's Video

When it comes to Nathan Paschal’s field of study, he advocates taking a simplistic approach. A graphic design major, Nathan knows not to overdo it, stating that “less is more.” Some might take Nathan’s mellow demeanor as a sign that he takes a simplistic approach to life as well. However, that is not necessarily the case.

How can you call someone “simplistic” who embarks on road trips, tears up mountain biking trails and practices glass blowing? Not to mention someone who plays the ukulele and plans to move to California upon graduation.  Nathan might be simplistic when it comes to his academic discipline philosophy but perhaps not so much when it comes to his day-to-day life.

A junior from Aiken, S.C., Nathan only applied to Coastal Carolina, knowing that it would “be a good fit.”  He raves about the opportunities to gain hands-on experience while expressing his confidence that Coastal is adequately preparing him for life after college.

With aspirations to become a graphic designer out west, Nathan will continue to capitalize on experiential learning pursuits that come his way. Don’t expect him to cut any corners reaching his dream, though. Nathan might not be simple but he is certainly honest. If society focused more on building integrity, according to Nathan, it would “be a big step in the right direction.”  Without doubt, we know the direction this student is heading in.

Nathan enjoys photography.
Nathan grew up in South Carolina.

Q&A with Nathan

How did you hear about Coastal?: Because I grew up in South Carolina, I have always heard people talk about it.

Why did you come to Coastal?: It was the only school I applied to – I knew that it would be a good fit for me.

Favorite professor: Yvette Arendt – if not for her, I don't think I would have continued pursuing graphic design. Taking Drawing 1 with her was the first art class I had ever taken, and if she didn’t keep pushing me to keep trying and improving I don't think I would be where I am now.

Favorite class: Graphic Design 1 with Rob Wyeth was probably my favorite class so far, but I also really enjoyed learning about the history of design in Survey of Graphic Design.

Favorite aspect of Coastal?: Opportunities to not only get an education, but to gain real world experience relating to what I want to do after college.

Favorite aspect of living in the Conway/Myrtle Beach area?: Taking my dog for walks at the nearby nature trails.

Clubs/Intramurals/other extracurricular activities involved in?: Internship with Conway Glass learning glass blowing.

Do you work anywhere currently (either on or off campus)?: I work as a graphic design Intern for University Communication.

Plans after graduation?:  Immediately after graduation I am planning to pursue a career in graphic design after moving to California. In the end I would like to run my own coffee shop, gallery and hot shop.

What are your hobbies?: Photography, road trips, mountain biking, camping.

Do you have any hidden talents?: Glass blowing, Playing the guitar/ukulele