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Chants Working Abroad

Elijah plays professional basketball in Austria.

ABOVE: Elijah Wilson proudly wearing his Coastal gear in Austria.

Meet Elijah Wilson

Elijah Wilson was a standout student-athlete at Coastal Carolina University, playing four productive seasons with the men's basketball team. A 2017 graduate, Elijah finished his Chanticleer career as the program's third all-time leading scorer. Elijah was good enough to continue his basketball career professionally and now plays for the WBC Raiffeisen Wels of the Austrian Basketball League. Hear what he has to say about pursuing his dream overseas. 


Name: Elijah Wilson

Occupation: Professional Basketball Player

City: Wels, Austria

Majors: Business Administration

Graduation Year: 2017


 ‌Elijah is able to enjoy more free time while playing professionally in Austria.

Elijah Wilson is playing professional basketball in Weis, Austria

How is working overseas different from working in the United States?: Working overseas here in Austria is pretty different compared to the United States. During my time at Coastal I was a member of the men’s basketball team which consumed a lot of my time during the academic year, especially when we were in the middle of the season. I have been playing basketball my whole life so I knew that I wanted to pursue this both in college and as a professional after I graduated. Here in Austria we play one or two games a week and all of the teams that we compete against reside here in Austria. Austria is not nearly as big as the United States so we don’t travel nearly as much as I did when at Coastal or compared to other professional teams within the United states. So with less time spent traveling and no more schoolwork obligations I have a lot more free time on my hands, which is a completely different lifestyle compared to the fast paced American way that I was used to.


How did Coastal prepare you for a career working overseas?: During my time at Coastal, I was a student-athlete. Throughout my four years I was able to meet a lot of people not only at CCU but also in the Conway and Myrtle Beach community. This allowed me to make connections with people from different cultures and ethnic backgrounds. This helped me become more open minded and it eased the adjustment when I moved overseas. Personally, because of my experiences at CCU and in the Grand Strand, it was not hard for me when it came to working with my new professional colleagues here in Austria.


What’s has been your best moment living overseas?: I have had a couple of great moments so far living here in Austria. One part I have really cherished is being able to travel throughout Austria to see different places and meet other individuals and learn more about their way of life and culture. I have also been fortunate to be part of some great basketball moments as well. The team I am currently playing for made it to the Austrian Cup Final Four which is a big basketball tournament in Austria where all eighteen teams in the country participate in a single elimination basketball tournament.


What advice would you give to current Coastal students?: Enjoy every moment at Coastal while you can because your time there will fly by. Remember, you can’t get it back so you need to enjoy it while you can. Also, work hard at whatever you do in life and if you have a dream then you should stick with it and work as hard as you can in order to make it come true.

Elijah played basketball for Coastal Carolina before starting a professional basketball career.

Elijah finished his career at CCU as the program's third all-time leading scorer.