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CCU initiates new anti-bullying program

September 4, 2013

Coastal Carolina University recently initiated a new interdisciplinary anti-bullying working group aimed at researching various ways to address issues related to intimidation.

Faculty, staff and students across campus are meeting to plan workshops intended to minimize bullying not only at schools, but also in the workplace, according to Robert Jenkot, associate professor of sociology and coordinator of the program.

Members of this group have expertise in a range of fields, including education, elementary school bullying, criminology, juvenille delinquency, primary school administration and more.

“The group expects that many faculty members will be able to connect their own research to that of the group,” says Jenkot. “Interested faculty members are invited to draw upon the expertise of the members as they work on grant proposals that touch on issues related to bullying.”

In addition to promoting interdisciplinary work to combat bullying, the group is also interested in involving students in research and future anti-bullying efforts. Several projects encourage student participation.

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