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Play ball! CCU students get hands on with baseball team using TrackMan to study sport analytics

May 31, 2018
Sierra Doherty and Tyler Keane work with the CCU baseball team using TrackMan technology.TrackMan is a doppler radar that tracks analytics on the field when the ball is in play.TrackMan is a doppler radar that tracks analytics on the field when the ball is in play.

Two student interns are playing a pivotal role on the baseball team -- not on the field, but on laptops.

The Department of Athletics is now using TrackMan technology to measure analytics in baseball, football, basketball and other sports. It's a doppler radar that measures everything that happens on the field that can have a number put on it when the ball is in play, according to Mike McDonald, the technical assistant for Coastal Baseball.

The students, Tyler Keane and Sierra Doherty, analyze data such as pitch speed, exit velocity, launch angle and much more. Not only does the data give the players a competitive edge, it is teaching Keane and Doherty critical-thinking and problem-solving skills. Plus they have to translate the data into a format and language that the players and coaches can understand and use. It's a valuable experience, they both agree.

"They can walk into an interview with a big league team and talk about what they've done," McDonald said.

Keane played for the CCU football team for two years before deciding to change gears to analytics. He's been hired as an intern with the Buffalo Bills to work with their analysts.

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The CCU baseball team is playing in the NCAA Regionals June 1-4 hosted at Springs Brooks Stadium. Visit for more information.