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President DeCenzo attends graduation ceremony in China

June 20, 2019
President DeCenzo leading the Presidents’ Forum.President DeCenzo awards degrees.President DeCenzo leading the Presidents’ Forum.

Coastal Carolina University President David A. DeCenzo served as moderator for the Presidents’ Forum on the topic of “Celebrating the 50th Anniversary of Sino-U.S. Relations” at the 19th annual meeting of the Sino-American Cooperation on Higher Education and Professional Development (CHEPD) in Chongqing, China, this month.

The panel included presidents from both U.S. and Chinese universities, and participants highlighted the importance of exchange to both countries, celebrated the achievements thus far, and shared ideas on how to enhance cooperation.

DeCenzo was in China to participate in the graduation ceremonies for the students who have completed both the Coastal Carolina University degree and those of their Chinese universities through the undergraduate transfer articulation CHEPD framework. Chinese students spend the first year at their Chinese university, transfer to a U.S. institution and complete all requirements of that institution’s degree, and then return to China for the fourth year to complete their Chinese university’s remaining requirements.

It was the 16th annual graduation ceremony. Students receiving degrees included:

Beijing Institute of Graphic Communication:

• Yin Shaohang (Graphic Design).

• Zhao Jinxuan (Graphic Design).

• Guo Yiran (Graphic Design).

• Huang Bingyu (Graphic Design).

• Yan Congrong (Graphic Design).

• Li Nanxi (Graphic Design).

• Sun Yinglize (Graphic Design).

• Tang Ronghao (Business Administration, Management).

• Liu Hongjie (Business Administration, Accounting).

• Liu Shiyun (Graphic Design).

• Luo Wentian (Business Administration, Marketing).

Huaqiao University:

• Fang Hao (Computer Science).

• Wang Qun (Business Administration, Finance).

• Zhang Yongjie (Computer Science).

• Su Haoyang (Computer Science).

• Xing Junkai ( Computer Science).

Lanzhou University of Finance and Economics:

• Lui Yi (Business Administration, Finance).

Tourism and Cultural College Yunnan University:

• Yu Guo (Art Studio).

“Cooperation through the Sino-American CHEPD program has brought students from China together with U.S. and other international students in our classrooms, studios, labs, residence halls and organizations to share perspectives,” said DeCenzo. “It has generated two student-of-the-year award-winners from among the CHEPD students, and it has supported short-term student exchange from CCU to China.”

The cooperation has also provided opportunities to CCU faculty – including the network that led to CCU’s first Fulbright Award to China, awarded to theatre professor Stephen Earnest for 2019-2020 – and to students, who have earned scholarships to study in China next academic year.

DeCenzo also attended the graduation ceremony and meetings in China in 2018, when he signed an agreement to expand cooperation by adding a new experimental class in business and accounting with Xi’an University of Posts and Telecommunications.

More than 100 Chinese universities and 30 U.S. public universities who are members of the American Association of State Colleges and Universities (AASCU) are a part of the CHEPD program. The Center for Global Engagement manages CCU’s involvement in the program, which has been involved since 2007.

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