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Horry County Archives Center releases digital repository

Horry County Archives Center’s recently released digital repository

More than 1,000 historic photographs are now posted on the Horry County Archives Center’s recently released digital repository.

A significant trove of local history, including old photographs, journals, letters and maps, has been made available online by the Horry County Archives Center (HCAC) at CCU.

This digital repository includes many Civil War-era letters, more than 1,000 photographs, the contents of the Horry County Historical Society’s quarterly journals (1967-2006), and engineering maps of the Waccamaw River from 1903. Data relating to CCU include the contents of the Atheneum yearbooks and archaeological reports by the late CCU history professor Jim Michie.

“By establishing this digital repository, the Horry County Archives Center at CCU can now digitize items of historical interest and make them easily accessible to students as well as the general public,” said Ben Burroughs, HCAC director. 

Scott Bacon, web services and emerging technologies librarian at CCU’s Kimbel Library, played a vital part in the project. “Scott’s expertise in web technology, metadata and archival practices has been extremely valuable in setting up this service,” said Burroughs.

Now that the repository is up and running, more items will be gradually added. Work is now underway to digitize Horry County newspaper archives from the years 1871 to 1923 and the complete archives of CCU’s student newspaper, The Chanticleer.

“Another advantage of this project is that student interns will have an opportunity to participate in the digitalization process firsthand and will be able to see the results of their work    online,” said Burroughs. 

Visit the HCAC digital repository at


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