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Mass notification system installed for campus safety

Coastal Carolina University has a new mass notification system (MNS) that will broadcast voice messages throughout the main campus in emergency situations. In January 2016, CCU completed installing the first phase of the Eaton Cooper WAVES® Outdoor Notification equipment and the SAFEPATH® Indoor Notification units that can alert students, faculty, staff and visitors of an emergency incident or a possible severe weather event approaching campus.

The high-powered speakers broadcast intelligible voice messages, tones and sirens from four locations on the main campus. The speaker poles are located adjacent to Baxley Hall, on Prince Lawn, in front of Hicks Dining Hall and at Springs Brooks Baseball Stadium. Ten locations on the main campus have indoor notification units with multiuse capabilities, including live voice messaging and emergency notification from the central control unit.

Other facets of our emergency notification system include text message and email alerts, website alerts, social media postings and television screen notifications through the University’s closed-circuit system.


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