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What does Coastal Carolina University mean to you?
This summer, we asked this question to our #CCUSocialMedia audience. Linking into the digital world we live in, we sent CCU PopSockets to members of #TEALnation. Participants applied the accessory to their phones and texted us a 280-character response. Although brief, their replies reveal a lot about Chanticleer pride and affinity.


PopChantet - Radhika

“CCU is more than my alma mater. It’s the school where my siblings and I started our life in the United States. It’s the school where I met my husband, lifelong friends and faculty/staff who are very dear to me. CCU will always be my home.”

PopChantet - Kamdyn Miller

“To me, Coastal means family. I stop by #CCU every time I visit Myrtle Beach. Everyone is so nice and caring; it makes CCU feel like home. I work hard so I can one day wear a teal uniform and earn my degree.”

PopChantet - Cooper Betsch

“CCU is home to me. My mommy and daddy both work here, and they decided to start a family! Someday (Aug. 20, 2035 to be exact), I hope to attend my first class at CCU! Oh yeah, I’m already wearing teal on Tuesdays at day care!”

PopChantet - Abby Barnes

“CCU impacts my past, present and future. It is my second home that provides me with not only an education but friends, family and a lifetime of unforgettable memories. My PopSocket may wear out, but my love for @ccuchanticleers never will.”

PopChantet - Nikko Smith

“#CCU became my home for four years. I had my challenges and overcame my struggles that led me to graduate top three in my class, while achieving my dream of booking a major role on one of my favorite TV shows. Coastal makes it possible. Proud!”

PopChantet - Harry Titus

“CCU is more than what you hear about; it is a true lived experience. The amazing part about the CCU experience is that it does not come with any limitations – all are welcome to experience the true meaning of #TEALnation.”