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CCU students present at Posters on the Hill


Three Coastal Carolina University students were in Washington, D.C., recently for the 21st annual Posters on the Hill, a distinguished annual undergraduate research competition. What made the event even more auspicious for our students is that CCU was the only university in the state to be invited to the event this year.

Kerry Dittmeier, Emma Kroger and Nancy Phillips, all CCU Swain Scholars, are conducting a research project on public perceptions about people who are homeless. Their research compares public opinion findings with real data collected through firsthand interviews.

“We were all excited to have been accepted to this prestigious event,” said Dittmeier. “It was a unique opportunity to represent CCU as we presented our research on homelessness to congressional members and our representatives.” 

Dittmeier is a senior public health major with special interest in underserved populations, global health and health policy. She hopes to pursue her master’s degree and Ph.D. in global health after graduating from Coastal. Kroger is a senior exercise and sports science major pursuing a career in occupational therapy. Phillips is a biology major with a specialization in cell, genetic and molecular biology. 

The mission of CCU’s Swain Scholars program is to partner with community agencies in researching health-related issues and implement community health programs. Sharon Thompson, professor of public health at CCU, is coordinator of the program.

CCU was invited to present at Posters on the Hill in 2000 (Jessica Haussman, marine science), 2007 (James Perkins, computer science), 2012 (Olga Tweedy, marine science) and 2013 (Marcello Garofalo, graphic design, and Brandon Rudolph, interdisciplinary studies). 

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