A Photo Finish - Coastal Carolina University
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A Photo Finish 

Where to capture the perfect commencement photo.

Chauncey's Top Choices 

Chauncey's top choices are great for classic Coastal Carolina University graduation pictures.

The Chauncey Statue  
Chauncey at Graham Bell Tower 
The Graham Family Bell Tower in Spadoni Park 
Chauncey Blanton Park  
Blanton Park   
Wall Building Fountain 
Wall Pond Bridge 
Wall Pond Bridge on Prince Lawn 
The Atheneum   
Chauncey Brick Sign  
CCU Brick Sign at the 501 Entrance to Campus 
Chauncey Teal Track


Teal Track


Lib Jackson Student Union  









































Memorable Locations  

Remember to take pictures at locations on campus that hold special significance to you. These pictures will keep the memories of your time at Coastal Carolina alive for years to come.

  • School or College Building 
  • Residence Hall
  • Springs Brooks Stadium 
  • Brooks Stadium 
  • Wheelwright Auditorium 
  • Hangout/Study Spots
    • The Lib Jackson Student Union 
    • Starbucks 
    • Bryan Information Commons 
    • Kimbel Library 
    • HTC Student Recreation and Convocation Center 
    • Tradition Pavilion

Area Attractions

For those that want to capture the beautiful scenery that surrounds the campus, these locations serve as wonderful backdrops for photos. Grab your regalia and head to one of these local landmarks. 

  • Conway Area
    • Conway Riverwalk
    • The Warehouse
    • Town Clock 
    • Historical Oak Trees
  • Myrtle Beach Area
    • Sky Wheel 
    • Myrtle Beach State Park
    • The Market Common
    • Myrtle Beach Boardwalk and Promenade
  • Murrells Inlet/Litchfield
    • The Murrells Inlet Marshwalk
    • Huntington Beach State Park
    • Brookgreen Gardens 

Oh, Snap!

Be sure to visit all of the geofilter zones around campus on the day of commencement. Signs will be posted around campus indicating that you're in a special commencement geofilter zone. Don't forget to use the official hashtags #ReadytoRise, #CCU2020, or #CCUGRADS.