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Communication, Media, and Culture

Department Administration

Dr. Kyle J. Holody
Department Chair | Associate Professor
Brittain Hall 312 | 843-349-2946 | kholody@coastal.edu

Amber Wise
Administrative Specialist
Brittain Hall 311 | 843-349-2450 | awise@coastal.edu

Dr. Cassandra Hill
Associate Chair | Associate Professor

(2018 Chair teaching award; 2019 Apple teaching award)

Dr. Corinne Dalelio
Graduate Coordinator | Assistant Professor
Brittain Hall 313 | 843-349-2963 | cdalelio@coastal.edu 

Professional Advisor

Heather Huffman
Director of Edwards Advising
Brittain Hall 330 | 843-349-2941 | hhuffman@coastal.edu


Dr. J. C. Abdallah
Assistant Professor
Brittain Hall 322 | 843-349-4133 | jabdallah@coastal.edu

Jane A. Bailey
Teaching Associate

Nadzeya Batson
Brittain Hall 320 | 843-349-2450 | nvbatson@coastal.edu

Dr. Andrea Bergstrom
Assessment Coordinator | Assistant Professor
Brittain Hall 321 | 843-349-2861 | abergstro@coastal.edu

Claire Calhoun
Teaching Associate

Dr. Linsay M. Cramer
Assistant Professor
Brittain Hall 305 | 843-349-4151 | lcramer@coastal.edu

Michael DiGiorgio
Digital Studio Director | Teaching Associate
Edwards Hall 255 | 843-349-2678 | mdigiorgi@coastal.edu

Dr. James Everett
Brittain Hall 306 | 843-349-2583 | jeverett@coastal.edu

Angela Fabbri
Teaching Associate

Dr. Wes E. Fondren
Associate Professor
Advisor: Lambda Pi Eta (honor society)
Brittain Hall 305 | 843-349-6656 | wfondren@coastal.edu 

(2018 Faculty Member of the Year, Athletics; 2018 Chauncey Champion service sward; 2017 Distinguished Professor of the Year; 2016 Edwards College teaching award; 2015 Edwards College teaching award; 2014 Pat Singleton-Young Student Advocate of the Year award; 2014 Edwards College teaching award; 2013 Panhellenic Council Role Model award; 2013 Edwards College teaching award; 2012 Faculty Member of the Year, Athletics; 2012 Edwards College teaching award; 2012 Edwards College advisor award; 2011 Edwards College teaching award)

Gwen Fowler
Senior Lecturer
Brittain Hall 316 | 843-349-2288 | gfowler@coastal.edu

Matt Hogue
Athletic Director | Teaching Associate

Dr. Candance Howell
Teaching Associate

Dr. Sofia Karatza
Associate Professor
Brittain Hall 309 | 843-349-2496 | skaratza@coastal.edu

Elizabeth Muckensturm
Senior Lecturere
Brittain Hall 325 | 843-349-6968 | emuckenst@coastal.edu

Dr. Adam Pitluk
Assistant Professor
Brittain Hall 317 | 843-349-2496 | apitluk@coastal.edu

Dr. James Ndone
Assistant Professor
Brittain Hall 326 | jndone@coastal.edu

Dr. Jeffrey Ranta
Internship Coordinator | Assistant Professor

Advisor: WCCU Radio
Brittain 314 | 843-349-6662 | jranta@coastal.edu 

Brian Roessler
Senior Lecturer

Advisor: Lambda Pi Eta (honor society)
Brittain Hall 318 | 843-349-2163 | broessle@coastal.edu 

Dr. José Sanjinés

Brittain Hall 319 | 843-349-2467 | sanjines@coastal.edu

Kimberly Schumacher
Senior Lecturer

Brittain Hall 316 | 843-349-6572 | kschumach@coastal.edu

Dr. Christina Selby
Associate Professor
Brittain Hall 315 | 843-349-2954 | cselby@coastal.edu

Jeanne Stewart

Brittain Hall 318 | 843-349-6909 | jstewar1@coastal.edu 

Sharon Tutrone
Brittain Hall 325 | 843-349-2450 | stutrone@coastal.edu 

(2020 Chair service award; 2020 Apple teaching award)

Dr. Wendy Weinhold
Associate Professor
Advisor: The Chanticleer (newspaper)
Brittain Hall 323 | 843-349-26471 | wweinhold@coastal.edu 

Dr. Misti Williams

Brittain Hall 320 | 843-349-6514 | mwilliams@coastal.edu

Graduate Teaching Assistants

Dahlia DeHaan
Graduate Teaching Assistant

Krystal Dotson
Graduate Teaching Assistant

Danielle Johnson
Graduate Teaching Assistant

Leanna Guarascio
Graduate Teaching Assistant

Sydney Suddreth
Graduate Teaching Assistant

Emeritus Faculty

Dr. Deborah Breede

Linda Kuykendall
Senior Instructor

Dr. Steven Madden
Distinuished Professor Emeritus


The Department of Communication, Media, and Culture at Coastal Carolina University is committed to the pursuit of intentional, reflective, and systemic practices and praxes to mitigate and alleviate exclusion, inequity, hate, violence, and any forms of communication that sustain or reinforce such attitudes and behaviors. As members of the National Communication Association (NCA), we affirm the values expressed in its Credo for Free and Responsible Communication in a Democratic Society and its Resolution Condemning White Supremacy in Political Discourse. We are committed to working towards social justice and the condemnation of communication and actions that promote and/or express hatred, discrimination, intolerance, and violence.