Communication, M.A.

Our Master of Arts in Communication program in Social Change & Leadership offers a diverse, flexible curriculum that prepares students to lead and/or advocate for others in multiple career and academic fields.

Complete 33 credits of flexible curriculum preparing to lead and/or advocate for others where you are needed. Learn to understand theoretical approaches in the field of communication, develop research skills, create and critique interpersonal and media messages, and explore ethical responsibility. This program prepares you for professional positions in both for-profit and not-for-profit organizations or for continued study in a Ph.D. program.

Graduate Coordinator:

Dr. Linsay M. Cramer
Brittain Hall 305 | 843-349-4151 |

Communication, B.A.

Depending on your concentration in the Communication major, you can minor in Journalism Studies or Health Communication or choose from any other minor from across campus. Choose from these concentrations:

  • Communication Studies relates to persuasion, culture, gender, families, activism, rhetoric, organizations/groups, and many other areas. Study how people communicate with one another, one-to-one, in groups, to large audiences, etc.
  • Health Communication teaches about health and popular media, relationships, and strategic campaigns. Learn about interacting with doctors, body image, helping others improve, and more related to health.
  • Sport Communication develops your ability to analyze and critique media messages, identities, and cultures related to popular culture and sport. Examine how popular culture and sport influence our culture and identities.

Journalism & Sports Media, B.A.

In the Journalism & Sports Media major, learn the knowledge, skills, and ethics you need to report the news or cover sports for social media, websites, print, radio, and television. You can also do play-by-play for Coastal Carolina athletics teams!

  • With this major, you can minor in Communication or Health Communication or choose from any other minor from across campus.
  • If you are in the Communication major's Interactive Journalism concentration below, you can easily switch to this new program.

Public Relations & Strategic Communication, B.A.

Public Relations & Strategic Communication (begins in August of 2024) builds your knowledge and practice in public relations, advertising, persuasion, and brand strategy. Understand people's relationships with organizations, how to be a spokesperson or storyteller, and/or how we can all be influenced by strategic media.


In Department of Communication, Media, & Culture

  • Communication examines communication as it relates to public speaking, culture, gender, families, activism, rhetoric, semiotics, and organizations/groups.

  • Health Communication teaches you about health as it relates to popular media, relationships, and strategic campaigns.

  • Journalism Studies introduces you to the foundations of journalism so you become more news and media literate. You can also get introduced to WCCU Radio, television, and print news.

In Other Departments