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Communication (Bachelor of Arts) Major

Communication is a perfect major for students interested in all aspects of human interaction. Majors learn a mix of research approaches to studying human interaction, including observation, survey research and experimental methods. More than 450 Coastal Carolina University students currently study in the five Communication concentrations and over 100 others minor in Communication or Journalism. 

Study communication as it relates to persuasion, culture, gender, families, activism, rhetoric, semiotics, and organizations/groups.
Learn about health as it relates to popular media, relationships, and strategic campaigns. 
Practice skills, knowledge, and ethics to report news and sports journalism for social media, websites, print, WCCU radio, and television.
- Interested in news and sports broadcasting, commentary, or journalism? Join this concentration! 
Build knowledge and practice in public relations, advertising, persuasion, and brand strategy, including for the Teal Nation public relations firm. 
Analyze and critique media messages, identities, and cultures surrounding sports and sport industries.
- Interested in the influence of sport on our culture and identities? Join this concentration!

Department Administration

Dr. Kyle J. Holody
Department Chair | Professor
Brittain Hall 312 | 843-349-2946 |

Lisa Bair
Administrative Specialist
Brittain Hall 311 | 843-349-2450 |

Dr. Christina Selby
Associate Chair | Professor
Brittain Hall 315 | 843-349-2954 |

Dr. Corinne Dalelio
Graduate Coordinator | Associate Professor
Brittain Hall 313 | 843-349-2963 | 

Professional Advisors

Heather Huffman
Director of Edwards Advising
Brittain Hall 330 | 843-349-2941 |

Ana Maria Lavado
Advisor: A-M last names
Brittain Hall 327 | 843-349-2904 |

William Wright
Advisor: N-Z last names

Brittain Hall 329 | 843-349-6426 |


The Department of Communication, Media, and Culture at Coastal Carolina University is committed to the pursuit of intentional, reflective, and systemic practices and praxes to mitigate and alleviate exclusion, inequity, hate, violence, and any forms of communication that sustain or reinforce such attitudes and behaviorsAs members of the National Communication Association (NCA), we affirm the values expressed in its Credo for Free and Responsible Communication in a Democratic Society and its Resolution Condemning White Supremacy in Political DiscourseWe are committed to working towards social justice and the condemnation of communication and actions that promote and/or express hatred, discriminationintolerance, and violence.

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