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Our principal goal is to engage undergraduate computer science students in research and expose them to the research process.  This page focuses on projects that have a major impact on student involvement.  To view a full list of faculty research activities, visit the Faculty Publications page.

High Performance Computing

Nebulae SupercomputerThere are many challenges that face the high-performance computing community today, including the ability to easily program these types of machines, which in many cases, differs significantly from the traditional programming models taught to undergraduates.  Additionally, the capital and operational costs, including power and cooling play important roles in the procurement, deployment, and ultimate use of these supercomputers.  Finally, the reliability of these systems has become a focus in recent years due to a number of factors.

As the number of components in these massive computers has increased, and as transistor size has decreased, the number of faults or errors that occur at runtime has dramatically increased over the last twenty years.  These faults can originate at almost any place and can happen at almost any time.  What is worse is that sometimes these errors go unnoticed, and can lead to erroneous answers that are then used by decision makers. This is especially the case in situations where it is difficult to compare the computed values to ground truth.

Our work has been centered on several focus areas:  1) identifying and characterizing inherent resilience in operators and algorithms, 2) evaluating existing error detection and correction strategies using a soft-error fault injector, 3) identifying, designing, and testing new resilience strategies.  This work is funded under contract with the New Mexico Consortium / Los Alamos National Laboratory. 

To read more about how students are involved, visit the LANL-CCU Collaboration page.

The CI Project

The Coastal Carolina University (CCU) Cyberinfrastructure Project (CI Project) is a joint collaboration amongst the School of the Coastal Environment, the Department of Coastal and Marine Systems Science,  the Department of Computing Sciences, and the Office of Information Technology Services (ITS).

Its purpose is to provide scientific and research computing equipment and services to CCU faculty, staff, and students.  Available services include High Performance Computing (HPC) clusters, large data storage, private cloud applications, software licensing, custom virtual machines, application hosting, and web hosting. Currently, partial funding support comes from the National Science Foundation (NSF) Major Research Instrument (MRI) award under contract AGS 1624068.

The CI Project resources specifically support research and creative production, as well as related special-purpose technologies. 

For more information on this collaborative experience, visit the CI Project page.