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Internships are a great way to practice applying your computing knowledge and skills in a real-world environment, and they can often be instrumental in helping you get the first full-time position.

There are many opportunities for employment for CS, IS and IT majors. Employment opportunities come in all forms such as full and part-time jobs, on-campus jobs, and internships.

  • Check the information board across from Coastal Science Center 160M for internship and job opportunities.
  • Internship information received at the department level will be distributed to CS, IS, and IT majors via email.  
  • For on-campus employment opportunities, go to and click on the Joblink icon. 

Recent internships in our department

Hear from our students who recently had internships...

Priscilla Meyers

Xavier Vera

Time Inc. UK

I collaborated with the Database team on various projects, and I helped the database manager administer the department’s data warehouse.

Jonathan Doe

Scott Lavigne

Los Alamos National Laboratory

I performed fault injection studies on the Mantevo benchmark suite, investigated network errors in LANL's Trinity supercomputer, and studied SDC rates in error-correcting codes.


Brenden Goldman

Mercom Corporation; WetStone Technologies

Mercom: I provided technical support for over 100 employees. WetStone: I started off doing Malware Analysis, and I am in the process of becoming certified in McAfee ePO and other technologies.

Amanda Green

Internship FAQs

If you're interested in an internship, read the following first:

Getting Started - How do I find internships?

If you are interested in doing an internship, Career Services is a great place to start. They can help you find and apply for internships. While Career Services has many listed internships with companies they have already approved, you are encouraged to also do your own internet research for internships with companies, locations and job descriptions that interest you. If you’re looking for a particular area, try researching who the top employers are in that area, and then go directly to those employer websites to look for opportunities. Pay attention to your emails – opportunities are often sent out to our majors as they come in. If you find an internship not already listed with Career Services, they can still help you through the process of applying for the internship and vetting the organization.

Do I have to apply for course credit? Will it benefit me to get course credit?

You DO NOT have to sign up for the CSCI 497 course to do an internship. You can work with Career Services to find and apply for internships independently from any processes in the Department of Computing Sciences.

Depending on your major and catalog year, the CSCI 497 course may or may not count toward degree requirements. Currently, CSCI 497 can fulfill the CSCI 300 or above elective slot in Information Systems 2015 and 2016 and Information Technology 2015 or 2016. Computer Science does not currently have a degree requirement that may be fulfilled by CSCI 497. Check with your adviser for more information.**

Even if it doesn't count toward a degree requirement, it may be a good thing to get credit for your internship on your transcript. It will count toward your GPA both overall and major, regardless of whether it fulfills degree requirements.

How do I get course credit?

If you ARE interested in getting course credit for your internship, here are some important things to know:

  • You must meet the prerequisites for the course, currently:
    •  Junior level status
    •  GPA of 2.5 in CSCI courses
    •  220 or 330 or X* with a grade of C or better
  • To start the process, work with Career Services and your internship employer to complete the following three forms: Internship Learning Contract (ILC), Memo of Understanding, and Student Code of Conduct. Make sure that the ILC has a detailed job description and learning goals. You’ll also need to find a faculty member willing to serve as the course instructor/coordinator. You should start by talking with your faculty adviser. Faculty members are not required to coordinate internships. If a faculty member agrees to serve as the course instructor, there is no guarantee that the internship will be approved for course credit. Eligibility for course credit is determined by a department committee.
  • Once you have worked with career services, the employer, and a faculty instructor to complete the Internship Learning Contract, Memo of Understanding, and Student Code of Conduct, you must submit these forms to the department internship committee for review. Your adviser or faculty instructor can help with this step. This committee will meet at least once per month. The internship must involve activities and learning worthy of a 400-level CSCI course. Not all internships will be approved for course credit, but you may still do the internship regardless of whether you get course credit.
  • Once approved, the faculty instructor will work with you to complete a course syllabus and course learning contract. Both of these are required in order to be registered for the internship course.
  • You should do all this in the semester prior to your internship. If you plan to do a summer internship, you’ll need to set it all up during the spring semester. Many faculty are not employed during the summer and may not be available.
  • You'll have to register for the CSCI 497 course, after all approvals and forms are complete. You may need a special permission form for this. You must be registered for the course during the semester in which you are doing the internship. If this is summer or if it doesn't fit into your course load of up to 18 hours, you will have to pay tuition for the course.
  • You will have course responsibilities during your internship, such as weekly updates, reports and presentations. The details will be in your course syllabus.

What type of internships will get approved?

In order to get CSCI 497 course credit, the internship must involve activities and learning worthy of a 400-level CSCI course. A good rule of thumb is that if someone could do the internship without having the prerequisite CSCI courses, then it is not likely to count for CSCI 497 credit. Try to find internships where you are building on and adding to your computing knowledge and skills, in areas such as programming, software development, system administration and maintenance, security, data organization and analytics and networking. Keeping social media sites updated, along with minor updates to existing websites, would not likely be approved for course credit.

For more information about internships, please visit »

Forms you will need to get started:

Course Contract for Non-Traditional Study

Internship Learning Contract

Internship Learning Contract

Memorandum of Understanding


To apply for course credit for an internship, the following are required:

  • Detailed job description with supervisor contact information
  • Transcript (unofficial transcript is acceptable)
  • Support from a Computing Sciences faculty member willing to serve as the faculty mentor/instructor
  • Signed Worker's Compensation Statement
  • Employer Agreement with Job Description
  • Student Code of Conduct form
  • Must meet the prerequisites for the CSCI 497 course (see below)

Potential employers must also complete the following:

  • Internship Learning Contract (with an attachment of the full job description) is to be completed before you sign up for the credits for CSCI 497.
  • Internship Memorandum of Understanding
  • (At the end of the semester) Internship Student Evaluation is to be completed in order for you to receive a grade for CSCI 497 (Note: It is your responsibility to make sure this form is received by your adviser prior to the last day of the semester in which you have signed up for an internship. If not, a grade of "I" will be assigned for a period of 14 days. If the form is not received after that period of 14 days, the grade will turn to an "F.")

Students will be allowed to register for one to three credits of CSCI 497 when:

  • Minimum requirements are met:
    •  Junior standing
    •  Minimum GPA of 2.5 in Computer Science courses
    •  Completion of CSCI 150 and CSCI 150L with a grade of C or better (or current enrollment and certification from instructor of a grade of B or better)
  • The full application packet has been received and approved by the internship director or the chair of the department.
  • The Internship Employer Agreement (Learning Contract and Memo of Understanding) has been received and approved by the internship director or the chair of the department.

The following documents must be turned in to the student's adviser and the internship director no later than the last day of the semester in which the student is enrolled in the internship:

  • Student's Evaluation of the Experience plus any requirements as outlined in the syllabus
  • Supervisor's Evaluation

For more information please contact the department's internship director, Crystal Cox, at or 843-349-2144.