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For Math Majors and Minors

Benefits of Combining Math and Computing Sciences

An understanding of mathematics is an important part of the foundations of computer science. Competency in mathematical sciences is not only beneficial in our undergraduate program here at CCU, but it is also a very strong distinguishing factor in graduate school and many fields in industry, both in the public and private sector. As such, some students choose to either minor or double major in mathematics. If you have specific questions about this, please contact your advisor, or Dr. William Jones, Chair of Computer Science and Information Systems.

Applied Mathematics Majors

The major in Applied Mathematics develops a high degree of mathematical proficiency and is designed to apply mathematical knowledge to the solution of real world problems. The major prepares students for a broad range of graduate programs. Students who successfully complete the Applied Mathematics degree will be competitive for careers in actuarial sciences, business, cryptology, government, industry, manufacturing and design, mathematical modeling, management, medicine, statistics, teaching, and space technology. Please see the University Catalog for a complete list of requirements.

Mathematics Minors

Three minors are offered - Mathematics, Statistics, and Actuarial Science (Probabilities). A minor in Mathematics or Statistics blended with another major strengthens employment opportunities as well as candidacy for graduate school. Please see the University Catalog for a complete list of requirements.


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Please note: Both the information systems and information technology majors require a minor.