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MSIST Alumni Profiles

Ronald Harrison imageThe program was a great experience for me, I was able to have a happy balance between school, work...without being overwhelmed. It allowed me to work at my own pace but I realized I would have to utilize my skills of time management and be proactive to get the work completed. This program is great for people working full-time careers who want to obtain their master’s degree.
Ronald Harrison, MSIST alumnus

Ronald Harrison

CCU Class of 2016 (B.S.), CCU Class of 2019 (M.S.)

Ronald Harrison graduated from Coastal Carolina University in 2016 with a Bachelor of Science in information systems and minor in business administration. After graduation, he accepted a job in the SC Attorney General’s Office as an IT technician and later worked at a law firm, also in IT. He completed CCU's Master of Science in information systems technology in 2019. Harrison works with AIG, where he is and internal IT auditor for General Insurance.

Harrison said he entered the the MSIST program at Coastal because the program focused on two things: security and data analytics. The program allowed him to take all of his courses online without having to come to the campus for any reason, which was necessary because he worked full time and did not live in the area.

Alissa Gibson

CCU Class of 2019 (M.S.)

Alissa Gibson image"When I first learned of the MSIST program that was going to be offered at CCU, I was super excited to apply and start earning my master’s degree. The added bonus for me was that it is 100 percent online learning. Working full time and having a busy family life limits the time that I would have to dedicate to on-campus classroom attendance. The courses for learning, designing, and implementing data processing and big data analytic solutions were the most intriguing. The engaging and challenging curriculum piqued my interest from beginning to end. The professors were very knowledgeable with the course material and always willing to assist and answer questions." 

Rodney Miles

CCU Class of 2019 (M.S.)

Rodney Miles image"On occasion, I like to take time to reflect on the people and decisions that have contributed to my success. I am a big believer that hard work is required, and nobody can do it alone. Having exceptional family, friends and support from the professors and administration have been key contributors in helping me become the person I am today.

"Throughout my studies in the MSIST program, I was challenged by the coursework to find unique answers to unique problems. The professors challenge you to find the best solutions for the issues at hand. The program fosters you into becoming a person that only present work that is representative of your best efforts rather than a person that is satisfied with reciting quotes from a book. This program forges its students into leaders. I have no issues telling other professionals that Coastal Carolina University MSIST program is led by quality people and the program produce individuals that are ready to take on any challenges they may face with a high level of knowledge and confidence."

Amberly Thompson

CCU Class of 2019 (M.S.)

Amberly Thompson image"After careful consideration of multiple programs and universities, I chose to continue my educational journey through Coastal Carolina University’s Master of Science in information systems technology with a concentration in security and analytics. I was immediately drawn to the program’s versatile knowledge and relevance to today’s evolving job market. The online delivery of instruction helped me balance a full-time career and family demands without sacrificing quality education. I interacted with my classmates almost daily, which created excellent networking opportunities (and friendship) over the course of the program. My professors were passionate and eager to assist anytime – day or night. The most incredible and rewarding part of my journey has been applying what I learned from every single class to my career. I am proud to be a Coastal Carolina University graduate."

Ike Vayansky

CCU Class of 2018 (M.S.)

Ike Vayansky image"The Master of Science in information systems technology program at CCU gave me the opportunity to further my education on my own time. Over my two years completing the degree, I learned about the field of data analytics and expanded my knowledge in information security with real world examples and case studies. The curriculum introduced me to upcoming methods I never encountered during my time as an undergraduate. This sparked my curiosity in data science. I used the skills I learned in data and web analytics to produce my master’s thesis, “An Evaluation of Geotagged Twitter Data during Hurricane Irma using Sentiment Analysis and Topic Modeling for Disaster Resilience.” Additionally, I had the chance to share what I had learned with undergraduate students through a summer program at the campus and worked with them to edit and revise papers on data analysis for publication. The professors involved with the program were always ready to help students overcome any obstacles and encouraged deep discussion among peers through the activities provided. My experience in this program has shaped my mindset when pursuing data problems, and I recommend it to anyone who wishes to start or continue a career in technology."

Jason Fan

CCU Class of 2018 (M.S.)

Jason Fan image“MSIST program courses are practical and emphasize new trends in technology. Online classes allowed me a flexible studying schedule while I worked in my full time job. During the study, I not only learned the theoretical concepts, but also had the lab for practice, which I can use for the real world work."