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Flexible Faculty Assistance Initiative

The Flexible Faculty Assistance Initiative is specifically designed for any student in a qualifying distance learning course whose instructor does not have an office on campus.  The initiative provides students with face-to-face assistance from full-time computing sciences faculty members who have expertise in the subject matter.  

Follow the steps below:

  1. Contact Your Professor:  For assistance in your course, always first contact your course professor using the professor's preferred contact method for course questions.  See your syllabus for further information.
  2. Visit a Tutor:  After contacting your course instructor, if you need face-to-face assistance, visit one of our tutors. Our tutors are successful, academically strong students who major in CS, IS, and IT.  View the Tutoring Schedule »
  3. Utilize Flexible Faculty Assistance:  If you need more professional assistance after meeting with a tutor, it's time to proceed with the Flexible Faculty Assistance Initiative. Visit one of the professors listed below during their regular office hours. An appointment is not necessary.  

Qualified Courses (Spring 2020)

The program is available to students in the following courses:

Participating Faculty

At any point in your academic career, you may also discuss your academic performance and career goals with your academic advisor.  See the Academic Tutoring and Assistance page for more information »