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Wally's Social Norms Campaign

Who is Wally?

Wally the Wall Pond Turtle is Coastal Carolina University's personal social norms mascot.‌

What are social norms?

Social norms focuses on correcting misconceptions about drinking and party behaviors of Coastal Carolina University students. The goal of the campaign is to empower students to make more informed decisions by providing them with facts, not stereotypes or rumors. For more information about social norms and other schools that have similar campaigns, check out the National Social Norms Institute.


64 percent of CCU students don't drink or keep it to four or fewer when they go out.
84 percent of CCU students are willing to be designated drivers.
79.3 percent of CCU students eat before they drink or don't drink at all.

from the National College Health Assessment (NCHA) Dataset (2012) at Coastal Carolina University

Wally the Wall Pond TurtleWally 3 Poster

Safe drinking tips

While there is always risk involved with drinking, you can minimize these risks by following these tips:

  • Assume personal responsibility to keep track of drinks and be careful
  • Stay with friends
  • Do not travel alone
  • If you have been drinking, do not drive. Either stay at a safe place, walk, use a designated driver or call a cab
  • Party only in familiar, comfortable, safe places
  • Eat before drinking
  • Stay hydrated
  • Alternate between alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages
  • Watch your drinks
  • Do not let strangers get you drinks
  • Do not drink with strangers or alone; only drink around people you know and trust 

Blood Alcohol Content

A drink is classified as 12 ounces of beer (one can), 5 ounces of wine (about one glass), or one 1 ounce shot of hard liquor.

BAC can measure how intoxicated an individual is by measuring the percentage of alcohol in the bloodstream. There are several factors that affect BAC, including how many drinks are consumed, time, weight, tolerance, gender and more. To calculate your BAC, please click here and fill in your information. Remember, the only safe BAC is 0.00!

Is Wally on social media?

Yes, Wally is on social media! He currently has both a Twitter and Instagram account. Follow him @wallypondccu!