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Assessment, screening, and advocacy

Consultations are offered to students, faculty, staff, and parents regarding mental health issues.  Counselors can make recommendations and facilitate problem-solving when help is needed in determining how to be of assistance to a student who is struggling with significant issues.  Consultation can be accessed by calling and requesting to speak with a counselor.  Be aware that counselors cannot reveal confidential information about clients during consultations with faculty, staff, and parents unless the student has signed a release of information form allowing this information to be revealed.  Consultees can request consultation about a student with regard to information that they present to the counselor, but should not expect the counselor to supply any information about the student that the counselor may have.

Various interview, testing, and screening tools are available to assist students in evaluating the existence and extent of problems in such areas as depression, anxiety, eating disorders, and alcohol/drug use.  Assessment can also be used to explore personality characteristics.   While some basic assessments are available online, others require participation in individual counseling.  Alcohol and drug assessments information is available through Livewell.

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