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Wellness Coalition

This coalition consists of students, staff, faculty and community partners who have joined forces to work toward: 1) the promotion of healthy eating and body image and 2) the prevention of the powerfully negative influences that eating disorders and unhealthy eating have on the lives of our students. The group participates or initiates such events as "Wellness Week" and "Love Your Body" day. Other projects include the distribution of healthy, student-friendly recipes, ensuring nutritional alternatives at university events, and encouraging the display of nutritional information in food services. Anyone interested in joining the coalition is welcome. Fore more informatio, contact Chris Donevant-Haines at 843-349-5022.

Wellness Coalition Members:

  • Counseling Services
  • Student Life
  • University Housing
  • University Advising Center
  • Women's and Gender Studies
  • Women's Resource Cooperative
  • University Recreation
  • Athletics
  • Student Health Services
  • Health Promotions

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