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AlcoholEdu for College is an online alcohol education program available to the entire Coastal Carolina University community. The confidential and personalized program comes in two parts. Because CCU cares about students' health, safety and academic success, the University expects every incoming first-year/freshman and transfer student, student athlete and student in Fraternity and Sorority Life to complete AlcoholEdu for College.

Coastal Carolina University has joined other top schools in the country in offering AlcoholEdu for College. Whether you are an abstainer or drinker, the program, designed to empower students, helps you to make well-informed decisions about alcohol, respond to the drinking behavior of peers, and achieve your academic goals.

AlcoholEdu is not a lecture about alcohol. Rather, it is a program for college students who are thoughtful about life choices or who have a shared commitment to the health and welfare of others.

If you are required to complete AlcoholEdu, please check your Coastal Carolina University email account for log in instructions which were sent on July 1, 2018.

Please call the Dean of Students Office at 843-349-4161 if you have any questions.