Building Inspections - Coastal Carolina University
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Building Inspections

Building inspections will be completed by our Quality Assurance unit on a quarterly basis. Each building will be inspected based on the APPA service levels of clean.

Building Inspection Process

Our Quality Assurance unit uses an Inspection Tool developed by Custodial Services and Institutional Research. This intuitive inspection tool allows our department to evaluate the cleanliness of the spaces we clean and how they align with the APPA Standards we have decided to hold ourselves to. The tool also allows us to identify trends in buildings of things we are doing really well and identifies areas where we could improve. In an effort to be more calculated in the way we clean this new process is already making an impact in our department.

Tentative Inspection Schedule* 

May 1 Baxley Hall, Public Safety
May 2 Facilities 1
May 3 Human Resources and Marine Wetland
May 6 Facilities 2
May 7 Century Circle (A, B, C), Atlantic Hall, Sands Hall
May 9 Baseball, Softball, Will Garland Academic
May 13 Norman Fieldhouse, Ward Sports Complex
May 16 HTC Center
May 20 Williams Brice, Hampton Hall
May 22 Jackson Student Union
May 24 Kearns Hall, Mense Hall
May 29 Annex (AOC2)
May 31 Swain Hall, Smith Science Building
June 4 Science 2
June 6 Kimbel Library & Kingston Hall
June 10 Coastal Science Center
June 13 Student Health Center & Prince
June 18 Brittain Hall
June 20 Singleton & Indigo
June 25 Brooks Stadium & Wheelwright Auditorium
June 27 Wall


*Updated May 16, 2019