1. Please provide a detailed description of what work you are requesting with dates and times to staff the work request. 

2. Work requests should only be submitted when you or your department require custodial services for cleaning, sanitizing, or staffing an event that necessitates services beyond the daily maintenance of the area being utilized. 

  • For example, the Singleton Ballroom is not cleaned daily due to lack of use. If you are using this area for an event, a work request should be completed. Once a work request is submitted, the space can be inspected prior to your event and we can adequately staff the event to ensure the space is maintained properly.

3. Work requests should not be completed for things such as requests to refill paper towels or soap dispensers as these fall in line with the daily responsibilities of our staff. If this type of need occurs, please contact 843-349-6470.

4. Incidents such as overflowing toilets, leaking pipes, or other hazardous situations should be treated as an emergency. If this type of situation occurs, please contact Facilities Planning and Management 843-349-2153.