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From the CITO

We are excited to resume the ITS newsletter CyberCHANT to communicate Information Technology (IT) news, events and initiatives to the campus community. For the past several years, the IT and technology landscape has significantly and rapidly evolved to a highly dynamic ecosystem, partially in response to the influx of consumerization, proliferation of mobile devices and ubiquitous access, cloud computing services and IT pervasiveness. Therefore, technology has become a core enabler for almost every process, operation and decision support system within organizations.

  Abdallah Haddad, chief information technology officer, CCU image
  Abdallah Haddad
Chief Information and Technology Officer

Higher education organizations are complex enterprises with dynamic operations, various programs and services, diverse and creative human forces, and multifaceted customer (students, faculty, staff and stakeholders) needs. These enterprises require cost effective multi-purpose, multi-technology systems and services with a sound, secure, robust, and supporting infrastructure. Key factors to ensure the success, efficiency and effectiveness of these organizations include the innovative adoption and deployment of technology solutions, value creation and enhancement of the student experience, and governance and alignment of IT with organizational goals and objectives.

Similarly, Coastal Carolina University has a highly dynamic and complex IT ecosystem that is constantly evolving to adopt innovative cost-effective technology to help advance its mission, effectively serve its constituents and achieve its strategic plan. For the past several years and with the support and direction of the University Executive Vice President/Provost, the President and in collaboration with the University stakeholders, I am proud that ITS has played a key role in the transformation of IT and technology at CCU. This transformation ranges from major IT infrastructure and enterprise system initiatives to service delivery framework and information security, including the following:     

• The increase of Internet bandwidth from 38 Mbps to 5 Gbps with 10 Gbps backbone capabilities.

• The upgrade replacement of over 300 major network switches to support Gbps infrastructure.

• The transformation of the Data Center to allow for robustness, redundancy and resilience.

• The implementation of many enterprise systems, while leveraging cloud-based and open source technologies, to support the academic and administrative communities such as lecture capturing, Office 365, document management, contract management, CRMs, Shuttle Service Apps, SPSS, SAS, Survey solutions, Assessment and Accreditations, and many more. 

• The establishment of the Computer Technology Life Cycle Program.

• The establishment of the Information Security Unit and Information Security Awareness program.

• Major Wi-Fi infrastructure overhaul (grew from a few hot spots/access points to over 2,500 access points across the campus and University Housing).

• The implementation of VoIP and video surveillance solutions.

• The establishment of a centralized ITS Service Center to effectively serve the Coastal community.

• The establishment of a cell tower and campus-wide ITS digital radio solutions. 

• The management and maintenance of over 6,000 desktop and laptops computers, plus eight general access labs and several disciplined-specific labs.     

• The upgrade, standardization and management of classroom technologies.

Most recently, ITS has undergone through a major realignment and reorganization initiative to better support and serve the University and its constituents. ITS is collaborating with University stakeholders to implement several technology solutions, chief among them:

  • Implementing two new ERP Colleague by Ellucian systems to significantly enhance access and performance critical services as well business continuity and disaster recovery.
  • Implementing new enterprise storage, virtual and server environments to enhance essential services   
  • Working with local and the state partners to implement Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS) in certain buildings to enhance indoor cell signals.
  • Improving the IT management as a service to align with the ITIL framework, where service catalogs and portfolios are associated with service level agreements as measures of success.

Please visit and to learn about the many technology projects that involve ITS and campus-wide stakeholders.

It is always an exciting time at Coastal Carolina University, especially with the continuous support of the administration and effective collaboration among academic and administrative stakeholders. We look forward to greater achievements and support to further enhance the success of our students and of Coastal.‌

Data Center Transformation graphic ITS Service Requests graphic Bandwidth Expansion graphic

ITS Staff Spotlights

As the University enrollment has grown to more than 10,000 students, so has the number of staff in Information Technology Services who support CCU's students, faculty and staff. Following are some profiles of the newest ITS team members:

Matthew Barnes, IT Telecommunication and Cable Technician imageMATTHEW BARNES

IT Telecommunication and Cable Technician

Education: Associate's degree in recording arts, Full Sail University
Hometown: Philadelphia, Penn.
Started at CCU: Aug. 16, 2017
Describe your role in ITS: I pull new network cables, coax lines for cable television, and basically anything else technical that is needed while working on these tickets. I also maintain the communication closets.
Best thing about your job: I love what I do here at Coastal. I really enjoy the feeling of being appreciated when I accomplish requests for others here on campus. Also, I’m big on the topic of unity and feel I bring people together through providing them with new network connections.

Coastal is more than a University in my eyes. There’s a sense of community here.
   Matthew Barnes

Why Coastal? Coastal is more than a University in my eyes. There’s a sense of community here. Positivity is important to me and always has been. I spent years looking for a career path that I could surround myself with good people in a positive environment. I definitely found what I was searching for and I have everyone I come in contact with to thank! I’m extremely grateful to be a part of Coastal Carolina University.
What inspires you? My family. Everything I do is done with them in mind. My wife and children depend on me and all I’ve ever wanted was to give them the happiness they deserve.
Something about you that most people don’t already know: I love technology, I love the work I do, but my passion has been and forever will be music. I’ve been creating music since I was 14 years old and move from genre to genre often. I always had trouble expressing myself, but through lyrics and establishing song structures, I was able to find my outlet. I also enjoy writing poetry and I have been writing a novel in my spare time.

John Cripe, IT Services Specialist, imageJOHN CRIPE

IT Services Specialist

Education: Associate's degree in applied science, Columbus State Community College, Columbus, Ohio (summa cum laude)
Hometown: Columbus, Ohio
Start date at CCU: March 1, 2018
Describe your role in ITS: I provide real-time computer technology support for CCU internal and external customers.
Best thing about your job: I enjoy the team collaboration.
Why Coastal? I am very comfortable in learning institution environments where consistently learning and “doing it better” is a focus and is valued.                                   
What inspires you? Learning how to apply and leverage new technologies is exciting for me.
Something about you that most people don’t already know: I enjoy flying model rockets.

Stephen Hydock, Application Analyst imageSTEPHEN HYDOCK

Application Analyst

Education: Bachelor of Science in accounting
Hometown: Conway, S.C.
Start Date at CCU: May 5, 2017
Describe your role in ITS: Support for Institutional Research, Assessment and Analysis
Best thing about your job: I have my first private office in 40-plus years of working.

Patrick Karetas, Coordinator of Residence Halls Technical Support, ITS imagePATRICK KARETAS

Residence Hall Technical Support Coordinator

As a Myrtle Beach native, I have been able to see the impact that Coastal has on the community and wanted to be part of that.
     Patrick Karetas

Education: Bachelor of Science in computer science, Coastal Carolina University
Hometown: Myrtle Beach, S.C.
Start date at CCU: Sept. 18, 2017
Describe your role in ITS: I assist with tech support for University Housing staff and students in their rooms. I also support the Pharos printing system and fill in with tickets as needed.
Best thing about your job: Being able to make a difference with how people utilize technology.
Why Coastal? As a Myrtle Beach native, I have been able to see the impact that Coastal has on the community and wanted to be part of that.
What inspires you? Having opportunities to grow and develop myself as a person.
Something about you that most people don’t already know: I played the violin for seven years. 

Scott Lail, Systems Application Analyst/Administrator, ITS imageSCOTT LAIL

Systems Business Analyst II

Education: Associate's degree in computer engineering, Western Piedmont Community College
Hometown: Conover N.C.
Start date at CCU: May 1, 2018
Describe your role in ITS: I am the Office 365 and Active Directory administrator, and I assist with other systems issues
Best thing about your job: The people I work with.
Why Coastal? The spirit of the campus, the love of the work from my coworkers.                                   
What inspires you? I take inspiration from my faith, the inherent beauty of this world, technologies old and new, and finally but most importantly my wife inspires me daily.
Something about you that most people don’t already know: I love to work on old cars, and I am writing on a couple of yet-to-be-finished science fiction novels.

Ashley Long imageASHLEY LONG

Student Technology Support and Computing Labs Manager

Education: Master of Science in information technology; graduate certificate, Management of Information Technology
Hometown: Tabor City, N.C.
Start date at CCU: January 2014, ITS June 2018
Describe your role in ITS: I manage IT projects that relate to student technology resources and initiatives. In addition, I manage the operation of all the labs associated with Student Computing Services.
Best thing about your job: I love to help others. I enjoy being able to help students, student families, faculty/staff, and even the community better understand the technology and what is available to them. When a student is having a technology problem, it can be a very stressful time for them. I want to ensure that we are able help them resolve their issues so they are able to focus on their studies.
Why Coastal? I was introduced to Coastal by my husband, who is an alumnus, and it just felt right. I was living in Charlotte (I adore Charlotte), but I am a beach lover at heart. After being on the Coastal campus for various events, I knew the CCU community would be a great fit for me. It is just a bonus that the campus is beautiful and I am right down the road from the beach.
What inspires you? The ability to evolve. Many things that we use or interact with in our daily life are constantly developing and changing. There is no reason that we should not be willing to evolve our personal being to grow with society. In order to grow as a person, we have to be open to developing our personal self and changing the way we think. The fact that we have the ability to control how we evolve as a person throughout life inspires me to be the best person that I can be and I am always willing to learn new things. “Be the change you want to see in this world” - Ghandi
Something about you that most people don’t already know: I used to play the guitar, but that was a long time ago.


Senior Application Analyst

...we found the growth and direction of the university match the direction my wife and I wanted to take for our family.
     Darell Matthews

Education: Bachelor of Arts in mathematics, UNC Wilmington; Master of Science in information technology, East Carolina University
Hometown:  Autryville, N.C.
Start date at CCU: April 16, 2018
Describe your role in ITS: I serve as systems engineer and admin for the Cyberinfrastructure (CI) Project, a collection of systems and high performance clusters used by the sciences for research and data collection.
Best thing about your job: I truly enjoy learning something new each day. In this role working with Dr. Murphy and other faculty and graduate students I get to do just that.
Why Coastal? My family and I love the area and there are great opportunities for my children. After researching CCU, we found the growth and direction of the university match the direction my wife and I wanted to take for our family.
What inspires you? My family inspires me, not only to be the best I can and honor them, but to live a life that inspires them as well. My grandfather used to say "leave it better than it was when you arrived." I try to make sure, each and every day, that is the example I set for my children.
Something about you that most people don’t already know: I am avid disc golfer. My son and I play weekly and enjoy the fun, fellowship and activity it provides us. Truthfully, we enjoy anything that gets us outdoors and active, but disc golf has to be the best.

Aimee Rice, Senior Systems Programmer/Developer imageAIMEE RICE

Senior Systems Programmer/Developer

Education: Attended UNC Wilmington
Experience: 20 years as Business Systems Analyst II maintaining the state of North Carolina's integrated HR/payroll system, SAP
Hometown: Laurinburg, N.C. (19 years); Bunn, N.C. (20 years)
Start date at CCU: June 18, 2018
Describe your role in ITS: Programming Payroll
Best thing about your job: So far the best thing about my job are the people; everyone is so nice. I am excited to learn a new system. I love the campus environment.
Why Coastal? I have been coming to the Myrtle Beach area since birth. My family has owned a secondary residence in Cherry Grove since before I was born. I have loved this area my entire life. My parents moved to Barefoot Resort permanently last year. My oldest son will be an incoming freshman here at CCU this fall. After visiting the campus several times with him over the last year it seemed like a great place to work because of the beautiful campus and everyone was so nice.
What inspires you? Teaching my three sons to have a positive attitude in all situations and what it means to have a good work ethic inspires me. I love a good challenge and have never backed down from one.
Something about you that most people don’t already know: I love to run when I have time. I’ve been running for 15 years. I have completed five half marathons: one in Hilton Head, two in Morehead City N.C., one in Myrtle Beach (it was raining, cold, windy and miserable) and the last one I did was in Oak Island N.C. I may be slower than a turtle running through peanut butter – but at least I’m out there!

ITS Staff Recognitions

We celebrate members of the ITS team whose performances shine through the Teal Tech Awards, as well as those who have retired from their CCU careers: Rosemary Brown BurkeMatt Nicholson and Dan Wims.

Teal Tech Awards are presented to ITS team members (individual and team) that exemplify Coastal values and to recognize their contributions to ITS and CCU. 


William Griffin-Dubson, Database Analyst/Virtual Learning Environment Administrator, image

William "Bill" Griffin-Dubson

Database Analyst, Virtual Learning Environment Administrator

Education: Information systems major, computer science minor, Coastal Carolina University 
Hometown: Homer, Ill.
Start date at CCU: Feb. 16, 2016
Describe your role in ITS: I work on the backend servers of the Virtual Learning Environment. This involves Linux server administration, creating and modifying php web files, creating and modifying php and bash scripts and database administration.
Best thing about your job: Helping other people and troubleshooting issues
Why Coastal? I graduated from the university and really enjoyed my time here as a student. Also, I've lived here since high school, and I really like the area.
Mac or PC? Neither. I prefer Linux
What inspires you? Helping out wherever I can.
Something about you that most people don’t already know: People call my office phone all the time looking for Bob Full because I have his old extension.
Best Coastal memory: Graduation day as a student here.
How do you want to be remembered? Being helpful.


Client Support Services

The ITS Client Support Services team provides incredible layers of help desk and campus technology support services, including deploying new computers for faculty, staff and academic labs to maintaining open-access computers and labs throughout the University. Client Support Services includes the following areas: ITS Service Center/Help Desk, Academic/Classroom Technology Support, Student Computing Services and Satellite Campus Support.

To demonstrate the volume of calls handled through the ITS Service Center and Student Computing Services, view the monthly averages during the period February-June 2018:

  • 1735: average number of calls per month to the ITS Service Center number (349-5000), or approximately 84-87 calls a day during the regular workweek (Monday-Friday) with an average call duration of 4-6 minutes.
  • 552: average number of calls per month to Student Computing Services (349-2220 and 349-2908), or approximately 28 calls a day Monday through Friday, and 18 calls a day on weekends, with an average call duration of 2-3 minutes.

ITS Retirees

The following ITS staff members began their retirement from CCU in July 2018.

Rosemary Brown Burke, ITS retiree, imageRosemary Browne Burke joined the ITS staff in 2000 as an information resource consultant (IRC) and has been an asset to the team ever since. When ITS centralized and she no longer was the main IRC for the College of Education, there was a collective groan of sadness from Kearns hall. As her retirement date looms, the groans get louder in the halls of the Wall Building and across campus as those she has helped in the past learn of her departure. Not a day goes by that someone at the ITS Service Center picks up the phone and hears, “Oh…is Rosemary available? No? I’ll call back later.” Although it is with some sadness that we congratulate Rosemary on her retirement from ITS, we look forward to seeing her on campus as a part-time teaching associate. Don’t worry, be happy.

Matt Nicholson has been a senior application analyst and provides services for CCU’s human resources and payroll operations. He joined the then-USC Coastal Carolina College computer services staff in 1979 while he was a student. In 1984 he was hired on a full-time basis and has been with CCU since then, except one year when he worked for a telecommunications company. In his more than 34 years at CCU Nicholson has been a key part of CCU's technology evolution. For example, when CCU became an independent university in 1993 ending a long relationship with the University of South Carolina, Nicholson had an integral role in producing the new institution's first payroll. In 2007, he was part of the team that received the SunGard Higher Education Technology Award from the College and University Professional Association for Human Resources (CUPA-HR) in recognition of technological innovations that advance the higher education human resources.

Dan Wims, ITS retiree, imageDan Wims began his career at CCU in 2004 as a temporary employee in application services. In 2006 he was hired in a permanent position as systems support technician and was initially responsible for desktop and printer support. He joined the network services area in July 2017. His primary assignment was resolving wireless hardware failures within in University Housing areas both on and off campus. He also assisted with telephone extension activations and acted as an assistant for new network cabling installations. Dan always graciously completed assigned tasks. His many years of service to the University, and specifically to ITS, are greatly appreciated and we wish him the best for an amazing retirement.

Chauncey's Champions

As part of CCU's service excellence efforts, CCU faculty and staff can nominate their colleagues for recognition through Chauncey's Champions. Following are ITS staff members who have been recognized: Matthew Barnes, Chuck Bunnell, Rosemary Burke, Gene Carlisle, Alissa Gibson, Bill Jacuzio, Patrick Karetas, Nikki KocotAbigail Marrero, Joe Minter, Anne Monk and Heather Moore.

Projects and Progress: Charting CCU's Technology Future

Coastal Carolina University is a dynamic and innovative institution – and these characteristics are reflected in its many and varied technology projects. Effective and forward-thinking information technology governance requires a process from which University-wide priorities and assets are determined. With the guidance of the University leadership and the Technology Council, the University's priorities for technology resources, services and facilities have been established. Sharing these Key Initiatives and current technology Projects will help keep the University community abreast of major technology projects that directly impact students, faculty and staff.

ITS consistently collaborates with University stakeholders to execute a variety of technology-related projects and key initiatives. Following are some new and ongoing projects:

  • Technology set up for new faculty and staff hires and campus moves
  • Regular re-imaging of approximately 42 classrooms and labs
  • Deploy approximately 300 computers for faculty and staff as part of the Computer Technology Lifecycle Program
  • KACE implementation for help desk support tickets
  • Implement required Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) for faculty and staff
  • Implement mandatory password change protocol for all accounts (students, alumni, faculty and staff)
  • Establish process, protocols for new account creation
  • Implement Ellucian Portal
  • Implement Informer 5
  • Ellucian WebAPI/Ellucian Self-Service customization
  • Installation of emergency telephones in select locations
  • Assist with year-end processes
  • Project Accounting Ellucian Module integration
  • Paciolan Receipt Integration for Athletics Ticket Office
  • Implement new Tuition Payment Plan
  • Customization of Self-Service Budget Ellucian Module
  • Jaggaer SciQuest implementation
  • Hobsons Radius CRM Ellucian Module integration
  • Implement new/improved technology processes for unsatisfactory academic progress appeals, electronic transcript requests, suspension and probation
  • Develop autoassign repeat forgiveness process
  • Online scholarship application
  • PeopleAdmin 7 transition
  • Intelligent Capture for Transcripts
  • Undergraduate Admissions Workflow Improvement
  • Financial Aid Workflow improvement
  • Data conversion from OnBase to Perceptive
  • Graduate Admissions application improvement
  • Upgrade Perceptive Content
  • WebNow replacement

For details and status updates for approved projects, please visit our Projects pages »

What's New in ITS

New ITS structure to better serve CCU

With the direction and support of the Executive Vice President/Provost, Information Technology Services has developed a new organizational structure to serve as an initial and significant step to transform how we support technology at Coastal Carolina University. The changes, realignment and restructuring will strengthen ITS capabilities to better serve the University community.

Restructuring objectives:

  • Ensure that ITS goals and objectives as well as University technology resources are aligned with the University’s strategic priorities, advancing the University mission.
  • Promote and strengthen collaboration within ITS, and between ITS and departments across the University.
  • Add new capabilities and services to meet current and future technology needs for a growing and dynamic University.
  • Support an increasingly digital and complex IT service portfolio and service catalogs.
  • Support the technology needs of students, faculty and staff.
  • Ensure effective IT change management, process management, training across ITS units, project management as well as data governance, management and security.

The New ITS organizational structure features the following dynamic teams and their primary focus areas:

  • Client Support Services: Academic/Classroom Technology Services, Student Computing Labs, Student Technology Support Services, University Housing Technical Support Services, ITS Service Center and Field Support Service Services.
  • Enterprise Systems Support Services: Ellucian/Datatel Support Services, Human Resources and Financial Systems, Application and Web Development Services, Document Management and Workflow Services, and Auxiliary Services.
  • Infrastructure Services: Telecommunication and Network Infrastructure, Internet Services, Wi-Fi Services, Voice Over IP and Cable Services, Fiber Infrastructure, Computer Architecture and Platform Services, Enterprise Storage and Virtualization, Data Center, Office 365 and Active Directory Services, Single Sign On Services and Open Source Applications.
  • Information Security Services: Collaboration with ITS units and University stakeholders to ensure the confidentiality, integrity and availability of the University’s IT resources and data, protecting it from intentional or unintentional compromise, misuse, loss or damage. Ensure the adherence to security policies as well as to state and federal regulations compliance while promoting best practices and information security awareness.
  • Administration and Resource Management Services: Portfolio Management, ITS Communication, Project Management, Service Catalogs, Service Level Agreements, Quality Assurance, Data Warehousing, Business Analytics and Prioritization.
  • Lean Team/Performance Analysts: Initiatives directed by the EVP/Provost and/or the CITO.‌ 

ITS expands in AOC2

Academic Office and Classroom Building 2 exterior imageITS Data Center image24-seat state-of-the-art demo room and teaching lab in new academic classroom and office buildingAcademic Office and Classroom Building Video Board image

The Academic Office and Classroom Building (AOC2) features ITS offices and a new 1,800-square-foot data center, a technology training and demonstration room, and a state-of-the-art video board on its first floor. The 52,000-square-foot building also includes 16 classrooms/labs, student study rooms and collaborative spaces, offices for more than 100 faculty and staff and the academic departments of sociology, recreation and sport management, computer science and information systems, and philosophy and religion. AOC2 is located at 115 Chanticleer Drive East adjacent to the Wall College of Business Administration.