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Get Inclusive - Voices for Change and
Chant Life - Step Up Against Violence

As part of Coastal Carolina University's comprehensive approach to education and prevention, all new undergraduate students (freshmen and transfer students) must complete the following educational modules:

Get Inclusive-Voices for Change
Voices for Change, an online, alcohol and other drug, consent and sexual violence, and identities and inclusion course.  Whether you drink or not, Voices for Change will empower you to make well-informed decisions about alcohol and other drugs, better understand the important concept of consent and how to prevent sexual violence, and introduce the concepts of diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Chant Life-Step Up Against Violence*
Chant Life-Step Up Against Violence is a pre-recorded session featuring a performance by fellow CCU students that is designed to depict various aspects of healthy and unhealthy relationships one may encounter while in college and after. To meet this requirement, students must watch this session, review the power point slides, and pass the quiz with a score of 90%.

*Some content in the Step UP Against Violence performance can be triggering for students who have been affected by sexual or interpersonal violence. NOTE: If you are concerned about being triggered by the content of the performance, please do not watch the video, and email to receive an alternative assignment.

Get Inclusive - Voices for Change (TrainMoodle)

Chant Life - Step Up Against Violence (LearnMoodle)

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