Access, Inclusion and Diversity Council - Coastal Carolina University
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Access, Inclusion and Diversity Council

The Access, Inclusion and Diversity Council (AIDC) functions as an advisory council and recommending body to the Office of the President and liaison to divisions, offices and units across the university on issues of diversity, equity and inclusion. Overseeing a wide range of diversity and inclusion related issues across the university, the AIDC’s primary responsibilities include: 

  1. Developing and disseminating the campus climate reports.  
  2. Developing access, inclusion and diversity related recommendations in alignment with the university strategic plan that include strategies, individuals responsible for specific actions, timelines for implementation and measurable outcomes that reflect continuous improvement of campus climate, equity and diversity. 
  3. Accessing and monitoring the implementation of the access, inclusion and diversity related strategic initiatives.
  4. Reporting on the progress toward achieving strategic access, diversity and inclusion goals.
  5. Reviewing and revising (as needed) access, diversity and inclusion goals and strategies.
  6. Promote knowledge, skill, and institutional practices toward diversity, equity and inclusion.
Access, Inclusion and Diversity Council
Sandy Baldridge-Adrian Staff Senate Representative (appointed)
Jean Bennett Staff Representative 2019-2021
Cassandra Boyd Staff (appointed) NA 
Alexis Brown SGA Representative (appointed)
Teresa Burns Faculty Representative 2019-2021
Keera Clark SAAC Representative (appointed) NA
Emily Gaspar Co-chair NA
Tiffany Hollis Faculty Representative 2019-2021 
Joshua Moore Staff (appointed) NA
Arlise McKinney Faculty Senate Representative (appointed)
Peter Paquette  Staff (appointed) NA 
Sherri Restauri Faculty Representative 2019-2021 
Caesar Ross Staff Representative 2019-2021 
Gary Schmidt Faculty Representative 2019-2021 
Gregory Stephens Student Representative 2019-2021 
Atiya Stokes-Brown Co-chair NA 
Carrie Taylor
Staff (appointed) NA