Access, Inclusion and Diversity Mini-Grants - Coastal Carolina University
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Mini-Grant Program


The Access, Inclusion and Diversity Council (AIDC) seeks to promote a positive campus climate for diversity and inclusion through the creation of the Access, Inclusion and Diversity Council Mini-Grant Program. These mini-grants will provide financial assistance for projects, workshops, programs, and professional development activities that strengthen excellence in diversity, equity and inclusion.  

Eligibility and Grant Availability

Applications are invited from all CCU staff and faculty. Partnership with a CCU department/office is required for any students apply to receive these funds. The department/office must be in agreement to support the fiscal processing of the award.

The amount of the award will vary, depending on the nature of the proposed activity and the number of meritorious applications received. A maximum of six grants of up to $900 are available for funding during the 2020-2021 academic year. More than six grants can be awarded if there are grant requests for less than $900. These mini-grants are funded and administered by the Office of Diversity and Inclusion on behalf of the Access, Inclusion and Diversity Council.

The Access, Inclusion and Diversity Council will review applications and make recommendations to the Vice President for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion for approval. Members of the Access, Inclusion and Diversity Council are eligible to apply for the grants but must recuse themselves from evaluation of the application. 

Responsibilities of Grant Recipients

  • Implement project/program as described.
  • Inform the Access, Inclusion and Diversity Council of any changes to proposed plan.
  • Advertise the program.
  • Track participation, outcomes and successes as described in the proposal.
  • Provide a summary report detailing participation, outcomes and successes. This report is due to the Vice President for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion one month after the program/project is completed.
  • Share any publicity, photos, outcomes, etc. with the Vice President for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion.


Applications for the 2020-2021 academic year will be accepted on a rolling basis until May 30, 2021. Funds must be used before June 15, 2021. Interested? Please submit the following information to

  • Name of submitter
  • Email and telephone number of submitter
  • Affiliation (department/office) of submitter
  • Is there more than one person involved in this project? If yes, please include the name, telephone number, email address, and affiliation of the other submitters.
  • Title of proposed project or program
  • Proposed project or program description
  • Describe the proposed project or program (500 words or less).
  • The purpose of the mini-grants is to address, promote and enhance our goal to create and sustain an inclusive learning, living and working environment where all members of Teal Nation feel they are welcomed, respected, valued and supported. Describe how the proposed project or program’s expected outcomes meet this goal (500 words or less).