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Affinity Groups

In an effort to support inclusion, the Office of Diversity and Inclusion provides support for faculty/staff affinity groups, providing access to modest funds, and offering logistical support when possible.

Affinity groups are formed around a shared identity or common interests and purposes to build community among members of non-dominant, underrepresented and marginalized groups and to foster inclusion and awareness in the broader university.  Affinity groups enhance the personal and professional development of faculty and staff, foster a sense of connectedness and help CCU create a workplace where everyone feels belonging and empowered to thrive.

Each affinity group determines its own scope and priorities.  To receive support and recognition from the Office of Diversity and Inclusion, groups should:
•    be open to all CCU employees (faculty, staff, and administrators) around the affinity topic or identity;
•    have a clear sense of purpose, including a mission statement that contributes to the larger university’s mission and core values;
•    meet regularly 

Affinity groups are not part of the formal governance structure (i.e., not a committee), but rather are sites of community building, engagement and empowerment.  If you are interested in starting an affinity group, please email