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Campus Climate Survey

Jan. 22-31, 2019

Coastal Carolina University (CCU) is committed to providing the best possible environment for all individuals within the campus community. An important step in creating a truly diverse, equitable and inclusive community is to understand student, staff and faculty perspectives and experiences related to their work and study at CCU.

2019 Climate Survey in January imageLaunched on Monday, Jan 22, 2019 the All Campus Climate Survey, which aims to learn about our community’s perspectives and experiences related to diversity and inclusion. The data collected is being used to understand the present climate and to inform current and future decisions about supporting a diverse, inclusive and vibrant CCU campus community.

Your experience at CCU matters, and we want to make sure your voice is heard.

Frequently Asked Questions

When did the survey open and who participated?

The Climate Survey was open from Jan. 22. All CCU students, staff and faculty were strongly encouraged to participate. All survey recipients could choose to be included in a random drawing to win one of 10 VISA gift cards ($100 value each).  

Was the survey anonymous or confidential?

The survey was anonymous, meaning that the project did not collect identifying information of individual subjects (e.g. names, address, email, etc.). Analyzing the data at the group level also helps to ensure that individual responses will not be linked with participants’ identities.

How was the survey crafted?

The survey was developed during the Fall 2018 semester by the Office of Diversity and Inclusion, in consultation with faculty, staff, and students. Subject matter experts from the campus community and survey research experts from external consulting firms and the University’s Office of Institutional Research, Assessment and Analysis (IRAA) also collaborated on the development of the survey.

The survey was designed to provide critical information about our campus climate that can be used to develop a comprehensive and clearly articulated diversity and inclusion oriented strategy.   

What did the survey ask about?

The survey included open- and closed-ended questions that provided respondents the opportunity to share their perspectives, opinions and experiences associated with diversity, inclusion and equity on campus, as well as questions about demographic and background characteristics.

What is happening after the results are submitted?

After the results were submitted, the soon to be formed Access, Inclusion and Diversity Council (comprised of faculty, staff and students) are working to identify key areas of strength and opportunity. The work of the AIDC will culminate in the Access, Inclusion and Diversity Strategic Plan that will lead CCU for the next five years.  

When will the results be available and how will they be used?

The survey findings will be available by Fall 2019 and will be used to develop the University’s Access, Inclusion and Diversity Strategic Plan.

Who can I contact for questions about the survey?

For technical assistance, please contact Christine Mee (, executive director of planning and research. For project related questions, please contact Atiya Stokes-Brown (, vice president for diversity, equity and inclusion.