Diversity, Equity and Inclusion at CCU - Coastal Carolina University
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Coastal Carolina University is firmly committed to preparing productive, responsible, and healthy future leaders who are global citizens, celebrating each individual’s unique background.

In alignment with our mission and institutional values of truth, respect, integrity, and excellence, Coastal Carolina University is committed to cultivating a campus culture that advances access, inclusion, and diversity.

Access is the removal of all types of barriers that prevent full participation, as well as the provision of information and resources that empower individuals to fully engage in all aspects of community life.

Inclusion is the involvement and empowerment of all people to create a learning, living and working climate where differences are welcomed and all members of Teal Nation feel that they are supported, respected, valued, and heard.

Diversity is the recognition and affirmation of different intersecting identities, referring not only to the background of the individual but also to the dynamic of the entire institution. Diversity encompasses identity in its various forms and expressions, including, but not limited to, race, ethnicity, gender identity, gender expression, sexual orientation, sex, socioeconomic status, language, national origin, religion, age, (dis)ability status and political perspective.

To provide a more proactive approach toward access, inclusion, and diversity, Coastal Carolina University is committed to:

  • Nurturing and sustaining an inclusive campus climate where individual identities, commonalities, and differences are perceived as strengths, and where expressions of identity will not negatively impact opportunities for success.
  • Promoting programs and structures that foster respect for diversity and engaged dialogue between all members of the community.
  • Recognizing and affirming the experiences of historically underrepresented and marginalized groups while simultaneously raising awareness of how access, inclusion, and diversity benefit all members of the University community.
  • Addressing disparities in areas including, but not limited to, recruitment, representation, retention, curricular and co-curricular programming, residential life, hiring, career advancement, and work life to support a campus culture that is inclusive and equitable for all members of the community.

CCU’s Model of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion 

  • Diversity, equity, and inclusion are necessary to achieve academic and institutional excellence.
  • The responsibility for diversity, equity, and inclusion falls on everyone within the community as opposed to one unit, department, or office.
  • We seek to enhance equity and access for all, recognizing the experiences of historically underrepresented groups and marginalized groups in higher education.

Diversity Includes Disability

CCU is committed to diversity and inclusiveness with the goal of providing an accessible, usable, and welcoming environment for all. To learn more, visit Accessibility and Disability Services (ADS).

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