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Accommodate is an online terminal that allows Students, Faculty, and ADS Staff to work together in promoting accessible practices throughout the Coastal Carolina community.

In Accommodate, faculty can review semester accommodation letters for each of their courses in one online terminal. Faculty are also able to upload exams for students that have testing accommodations through this online portal.

Click here to login to Accommodate

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Below you will find pictorial walkthroughs that will assist you as you learn more about how to utilize Accommodate. Accommodate will be used for communicating classroom accommodations determined by ADS to Faculty.

  • Faculty will have access to view these accommodations for students in each of the courses taught during the semester. (replacing the paper Faculty Notification Forms (FNF's) utilized in previous academic semesters)
  • Faculty will also use Accommodate to approve exam requests for the ADS Testing Center. (replacing the paper Accessibility and Disability Proctor Sheets utilized in previous academic semesters)
  • Faculty will also upload exams through Accommodate, which will alow for course uploads (for when multiple students will take the same exam)

Logging in to Accommodate:

Accommodate Login for Faculty Pictorial Walkthrough

1. Open a web browser (Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer)
2. Go to this URL:
3. Click on Faculty
4. Enter your Coastal Carolina email and Password
5. Click the 'Go' button

    Uploading Exams to Accommodate:

    1. Login to Accommodate using your single sign-on CCU email and password
    2. On the left side of your screen select “Courses/Testing Requests”
    3. Select the appropriate course number for the student requesting to take an exam
    4. Click the “Testing Requests” tab
    5. Select the Student who is requesting the exam
    6. Correct the class time limit, if necessary (in minutes)
    7. Add any special instructions in "Description" or “Faculty Notes”
    8. Click “Add Item” to attach the exam

    Exam Upload Pictorial Walkthrough

    Should you have any questions, comments, or need clarification on any of the necessary steps, please don’t hesitate to stop by our Office, or call us at (843) 349-2503.

    For More Information:

    Accessibility and Disability Services, Coastal Carolina University

    Laurel Hall - P.O. Box 261954 - Conway, SC 29528-6054
    843-349-5042 (fax) 843-349-2503