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Housing and Meal Plan Accommodations

In commitment of furthering the laws of the Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA) and Section 504’s clarification, Coastal Carolina University will work to accommodate those with documented disabilities.

Those who would like to request housing or meal plan accommodations based on a documented disability or medical condition should do so by submitting the following required forms, all of which forms may be accessed by clicking on the respective title below:

All three forms should be submitted to Accessibility and Disability Services. Documentation should be current and comprehensive in light of the request and consist of an evaluation by a qualified professional that describes the current functional impact of the medical condition or disability as it relates to the housing or meal plan modification or accommodation requested. The deadline for requesting housing and meal plan accommodations is June 1 for Fall Semester and December 1 for Spring Semester. Accommodations requested after these deadlines will be substantially less likely to be reasonably made.

The submission of documentation does not in any way guarantee an exemption or accommodation. 

Accessibility and Disability Services may request additional documentation if the information submitted appears to be outdated, inadequate in scope or content, does not address the student’s current level of functioning or substantiate the need for modifications or accommodations. Please note, primary diagnoses of ADHD, allergies, or general anxiety are not typically approved for housing exemptions, modifications or accommodations. Food allergies will be considered for meal plan modifications which cannot be reasonably accommodated by Campus Dining Services.

Documentation provided will be used by Accessibility and Disability Services staff to administratively review and evaluate the request. Staff will render a decision regarding the needed accommodations based on:

  • Maximum level of integration into university housing and the meal plan
  • Information and recommendation provided by the diagnosing professional
  • Potential effectiveness of the accommodations.

Students will be notified via Coastal email of the administratively approved accommodations and steps to implement those accommodations within 10 working days of receipt of a complete request. If the requested accommodations are denied by the Accessibility and Disability Services staff, students have the right to appeal to the Housing and Meal Plan Accommodations Appeals Committee (HMPAAC). This committee is made up of CCU professionals with expertise in various disabilities and accommodations. The HMPAAC will carefully review requests, maintain strict confidentiality, and is entrusted with the authority to make the final decision on the request. The role of the HMPAAC is to review students' requests and to approve, partially approve or deny these requests. The HMPAAC may also defer a decision based on a need for additional information. Appeals to the HMPAAC and any additional supporting documentation should be received by the dates listed here. Decisions made by the HMPAAC are final.

Questions regarding the process may be directed to Accessibility and Disability Services at 843-349-2503.

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