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ADS Frequently Asked Questions

  1. When and how does a student register with Accessibility and Disability Services (ADS)?
    Once a student has been admitted to and officially selected Coastal Carolina University, the student can initiate the registration process with ADS. Students begin this process by completing an ADS registration form in addition to providing verifiable, disability documentation from an appropriate third-party (i.e., a treating medical provider or evaluator and including any professional and/or state registration or licensing credentials).

  2. What type of documentation do students submit to ADS?
    Primary documentation: the student's self-report of personal experiences and academic barriers and successful accommodations, which is gathered via the registration form and during the initial set-up appointment. External documentation: medical or educational records, reports, and assessments created by health care providers or the educational system.

  3. What happens after documentation is submitted to ADS?
    After the student submits the appropriate forms and verifiable, disability documentation the student may call ADS (843-349-2503) to schedule an appointment. Students who register with ADS meet one-on-one with an ADS staff member to review disability documentation and identify appropriate accommodations.

  4. How does a student prepare for the meeting with an ADS professional?
    Please be prepared to share how your disability impacts your educational experience. It may be useful to think about the barriers a student may have experienced in the past and what accommodations have worked to reduce or remove barriers. More specifically, students may want to consider their experience with class lectures or discussions, class projects, homework, reading, and testing experiences.

  5. Do students have to share details about their disability or diagnosis with ADS?
    ADS staff will ask you about how your disability impacts your academic experience. We will not inquire about how you acquired your disability. Students are welcome to share information and experiences with ADS staff.

  6. How are a student’s instructors notified about the student’s registration with ADS?
    After students register with ADS and appropriate accommodations are identified during a one-on-one meeting, ADS staff create a Faculty Notification Form (FNF) and the student shares an FNF with each instructor. This form includes classroom and testing accommodations. Disability documentation is not shared with instructors.

  7. What else does ADS offer?
    ADS houses the Testing Center, which allows for a distraction reduced testing environment and space for extended testing time. ADS also offers academic coaching via one-on-one meetings with a learning specialist to focus on academic skill building and study strategies. Academic coaching appointments are initiated by students.

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