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Chanticleer Inteligence Brief


Coastal Intelligence Brief: Real-time analysis of COVID-19

The Coastal Intelligence Brief (CIB) is an elite pre-professional organization that operates essentially like an intelligence agency. As the novel coronavirus pandemic began to manifest itself, CIB went straight in to a contingency mode of operation. The 80+ student members were re-tasked with monitoring the progression of the pandemic in various areas of the world, including the United States. Mirroring what intelligence agencies are likely doing at this time, CIB members report daily to a mid-level managers, or 'Heads of Desk', who then report to their superiors. Joseph Fitsanakis, associate professor at Coastal Carolina University and developer of CIB says, “CIB is designed to model the real world intelligence operations process of collection, analysis and dissemination of information. The pandemic is allowing my students to do this in real time. It is a opportunity for a lot of hands on learning for everyone.” CIB produces a weekly podcast, which highlights the worldwide manifestation of the novel coronavirus pandemic and helps listeners understand the complex medical, social, economic and political effects of this global crisis. Additionally, CIB is publishing written reports on this topic on a regular basis on their website, Information and links to the podcasts can be found here: