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The Spadoni College of Education adheres to the ideal that our educator preparation programs provide learning experiences that reflect a broader purpose of education. Being a teacher or school administrator in the 21st century requires the professional knowledge, skills, and dispositions for making informed and reasoned curriculum, instruction, and assessment decisions. This means that our college prepares educators who know how to analyze the validity of education reforms in relation to student learning; know how to adapt and implement effective teaching practices to varied learning contexts; and can serve as professional advocates for a purpose of education that promotes relevant and meaningful learning. Students learn early in their career that becoming a highly effective teacher requires a thorough knowledge of the subject matter being taught and the ability to design learning experiences that accommodate a variety of student needs, interests, and abilities. Please see the “About Us” menu to the left to learn more about our “College Programs” and to read about our “Points of Pride.”

Edward Jadallah, Ph.D.,  
Dean, Spadoni College of  Education

It makes a difference in the development of human intelligence whether children learn to SAY that something is true or whether they LEARN that something is true.
(Alan Griffin, Ph.D., 1907-1964)