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M.Ed. Special Education

Education studentThe Master of Education in Special Education program is designed to advance the careers of licensed teachers who seek expertise in special education content knowledge. This program prepares graduate students to advance as leaders in school districts or at the state education agency level, teach foundational college courses in special education, conduct collaborative research, and improve student outcomes among learners with disabilities. Finally, most M. Ed. candidates in Special Education apply for advanced teaching licensure, which garners an increased salary in many states.

Graduate students in the Special Education Program earn knowledge of the breadth of Special Education through core coursework related to special education legislation, applied behavior analysis, instructional design, assessment, functional behavior analysis, and educational research. Additionally, candidates build depth of knowledge through coursework in one selected concentration area, including Specific Learning Disabilities, Emotional Disabilities, Intellectual Disabilities, or Severe Disabilities. Many students pursuing this graduate degree earn an additional special education teaching license by concentrating in an area in which they are not currently licensed.  

The Master of Education in Special Education at Coastal Carolina has a number of benefits. First, it is an online program that includes both independent learning and real-time online instruction. Additionally, most students choose to complete this program in approximately 18 months. The graduate program is accredited by the Council for the Accreditation of Educator Preparation. The application is now available and students can begin coursework in Summer, 2016. 


Prerequisites: EDSP 692* Foundations and Services for Exceptional Learners (3)

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A. CORE COURSES (24 Credits Hours; Required for all M.Ed. students)

EDUC 607 Research for Today’s Schools (3)
EDUC 600 Applied Behavior Analysis (3)
EDUC 630 Single-case Research and Ethics (3)
EDSP 635 Advanced Topics in Special Education (3)
EDSP 606 Instructional Design in Special Education (3)
EDSP 640 Behavior Management (3)
EDSP 641 Comprehensive Assessment for Exceptional Learners (3)
EDSP 697 Practicum in Special Education (3)


Emotional Disabilities (6 Credit Hours)

EDSP 670 Characteristics of Learners with Emotional and Behavioral Disabilities (3)
EDSP 671 Methods/Procedures for Learners with Emotional and Behavioral Disorders (3)

EDSP 645 Literacy Instruction for English Learners and Students with High Incidence Disabilities(3

Intellectual Disabilities (6 Credit Hours)

EDSP 680 Characteristics of Individuals with Intellectual Disabilities (3)
EDSP 681 Methods for Teaching Students with Intellectual Disabilities (3)

EDSP 645 Literacy Instruction for English Learners and Students with High Incidence Disabilities(3

Learning Disabilities (6 Credit Hours)

EDSP 690 Specific Learning Disabilities (SLD): Nature and Needs (3)
EDSP 691 Instructional Procedures for Students with Learning Disabilities (3)

EDSP 645 Literacy Instruction for English Learners and Students with High Incidence Disabilities(3

Severe Disabilities (9 Credit Hours)

EDSP 610 Characteristics of Students with Severe Disabilities (3)
EDSP 615 Instruction of Students with Severe Disabilities (3)
EDSP 620 Language and Communication Skills for Students with Severe Disabilities (3)

Twice Exceptional (12 Credit Hours)

EDSP 608 Nature and Needs of Students who are Gifted and Talented (3)
EDSP 609 Curriculum and Instruction for Students who are Gifted and Talented (3)
*Students pursuing Twice Exceptional Concentration must also complete concentration coursework in either Emotional Disabilities or Learning Disabilities as indicated above.

*EDSP 692 may be waived for candidates who have taken Introduction to Special Education or its equivalent at the undergraduate or graduate level


Jamia Richmond, Ph.D.
Associate Professor, Special Education
Prince Building 105B

Amy Finelli
Administrative Specialist - Foundations, Curriculum & Instruction
Prince Building 111

You can also find more information at M.Ed. in Special EducationTo apply to CCU, visit Graduate Studies.