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Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT)

The Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) program is an avenue to initial certification. The program starts in June and students progress through all steps to finish the following July.

‌‌Areas of Study

Students in this program must earn a baccalaureate degree, or the equivalent, in the content area of teaching specialization. Prospective students must apply to the MAT program by May 1 to enroll in the cohort that begins in the Summer I term. This 14-month full time cohort program of study includes both advanced content study at the graduate level and teaching pedagogy instruction. Senior students at Coastal Carolina University may take up to two courses during their senior year (EDSC 410 and EDSC 415) that can apply toward M.A.T. program requirements.

Student Testimonials

Here is what our students are saying!

Steve Butler, M.A.T Social Studies

"The opportunities this progam has afforded me will present rewards for years to come. If given the chance, any future educator should enroll in it." 

Lance McDanel, M.A.T. Science

"This program will challenge you as not only an educator but as a person as well. The internship will truly bring out what it really means to be an educator." 


Jamison Pertell, M.A.T. Social Studies

"The internship will truly bring out what it really means to be an educator, getting to know the students on a deeper level than just giving instruction." 

Diondra Williams, M.A.T. English

"This program takes hard work and dedication, but the professors are always there to give you the support and motivation you need to keep fighting towards success." 


Madeline Lee, M.A.T. Math

"Coastal Carolina University's M.A.T. program is great because it is only 14 months and you gain a lot of experience in the classroom." 

Camren Schildt, M.A.T. Social Studies

"This program will challenge you to become an all-around teacher who diversifies instruction and learning preferences." 


‌Contact Information

Suzanne Horn, Ph.D.
Program Coordinator, Master of Arts in Teaching (M.A.T.) Program
Prince Building 105J