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C‌oastal Robotics

‌The Coastal Carolina University College of Education received a state-level Improving Teacher Quality grant to teach Marion County science and math educators how to integrate robotics concepts into their curricula. The College of Education’s Instructional Technology department, in collaboration with the College of Science and Horry County Schools faculty, ran an intensive year-long robotics program. Beginning with a one-week robotics boot camp seminar in July 2016, Coastal hosted multiple seminars throughout the year and concluded with a more advanced robotics seminar in July 2017. Marion County teachers learned how to use robotics to illustrate scientific and mathematical principles such as angles, algorithms, computational thinking, distance, velocity, among other concepts, and were observed in their classrooms teaching with the robots throughout the year. Not only was this grant influential in the middle and high school classrooms of Marion County, but it fostered STEM opportunities outside the classroom, as well. Many of the participating teachers have started their own after-school robotics clubs and two teachers even hosted their own robotics camp in Marion.