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Each Teaching Fellow actively serves on one Teaching Fellows committee each year. Teaching Fellows and Teachers Group Photo

Coastal Carolina University Teaching Fellows Committee Descriptions:
Social Committee (Food/Symposium)
The Social Committee organizes group activities and outings within the teaching fellows program. This may include but is not limited to game nights, movie nights, bowling, holiday events, etc. The goal of the social committee is to create a sense of community within the teaching fellows program. This committee will also be responsible for picking up the food and beverages of any event as needed. Those on this committee should arrive early enough to have everything set up before the meeting begins. Once the meeting is over, the committee will be expected to stay after a few minutes and clean up the food as well. This committee will also be responsible for planning and executing the Spring Symposium. The committee will be responsible for décor, food, creating a panel or keynote speaker, theme, invitations, ticket sales, etc.  

Social Media/ Communication Committee
The Social Media and Communication Committee will be in charge of updating the CCU Teaching Fellows Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages. Social Media is such a huge part of everyone’s daily lives, so the goal is to share/update both the teaching fellows and the public with what is happening within the Teaching Fellows Program at CCU. In order to keep everyone in the loop, the social media committee should be in touch with all other leadership roles and committees for any important updates. The social media committee is also responsible for decorating the bulletin board in the Teaching Fellows Lounge, as well as creating a new edition of the Teaching Fellows Gazette at the midpoint and conclusion of each semester. Along with this, the social media and communications committee will write brief articles after events held by the CCU Teaching Fellows that will be sent to CERRA.  

Fundraising Committee
In order to raise funds for activities that the Teaching Fellows funds do not cover, the fundraising committee will be in charge of creating fundraising events to raise money for these extra interests. For example, adopting a family to shop for near Christmas time, and coming up with the monies to provide them with a Christmas they deserve. The committee is responsible for advertising for the fundraisers, as well as planning a variety of fundraisers throughout the year.   

Professional Development Committee
Before each monthly meeting, the professional development committee will be responsible for deciding what topic/speaker would benefit the majority of the group. Each month should be something different and something that can be applied to all of the programs that are represented in our cohort. This committee should contact people they would like to speak. The committee will also be responsible for sending out a brief bio on the speaker prior to the meeting so that fellows can include that information in their reflection. Finally, this committee will write speakers a thank you note and prepare a small gift to give to them.  Group Photo of Teaching Fellows

Recruitment Committee
This committee is required to organize and operate Mock Interview Day with the freshmen cohort. This event gives potential new fellows an opportunity to learn about our Teaching Fellows program and helps to prepare these potential fellows for their regional interview day.  The recruitment committee will also be responsible for assisting with Teacher Cadet Day, Discovery Day, Teacher Cadet classroom visits, and other recruitment events.  The recruitment committee will work closely with Mr. Zan Wiggins and will be responsible for creating new recruitment resources (such as videos, social media posts, flyers, info sessions, etc).

Executive Committee
The executive committee will be responsible for carrying out the roles specified by each of their positions. They will meet immediately following the Professional Development each month in order to make plans for the Business Meeting. The executive committee will also be responsible for running notebook checks each semester and ensuring that all Teaching Fellows are held to the same standards.  

Community Outreach Committee
Engaging with our local community is an important part of being a Coastal Carolina University Teaching Fellow. The community outreach committee will be responsible for planning and attending events such as Trunk or Treat and Parents Night Out. This committee will also be responsible for reaching out to the community and Coastal’s campus in order to provide fellows with a list of possible volunteer opportunities for the secondary hour requirement.  

Expectations and Attendance Committee
Professionalism is a huge aspect of being a teacher and something that is instilled in Coastal Carolina University Teaching Fellows. The expectations and attendance committee will be responsible for checking professional dress at all business meetings and professional developments held. They will be responsible to take attendance using a computer that creates an excel sheet. The excel sheet will then need to be printed and placed into an attendance binder. Documentation of excuses and reasons for tardiness will follow the excel sheet. Each member of the committee will be responsible to work the check-in table for business meetings and professional developments.  TF group photo on stage

College Transition / Welcome Week Committee
Every fall, the freshmen Teaching Fellows cohort goes on an experience trip together to build lasting relationships and bonds within the cohort as a whole. The freshman experience committee will be responsible for planning and attending/facilitating this event. This planning will happen over the summer and early fall. This trip will be overnight. This committee will partner with the TEACH Resident Adviser to complete Passive and Active programs to focus on the development and retention of the freshmen cohort. The welcome week committee will be responsible for organizing and attending the Move-In Reception on August 17th. The welcome week committee will plan cohort-specific events working with cohort representatives during the first week of classes in the fall. It allows the fellows to get to know each other and to provide their parents with a comforting message that will leave them feeling reassured about leaving their students with us.  

Legislature Updates Committee
Legislative policy effects current and future educators. This committee will provide updates on legislation currently being discussed that is in the House of Representatives, the Senate or State level that is related to education at each business meeting. Each member will be responsible to present at least once at a business meeting with some update, partnering up is an option if the committee is larger.