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How Much Does Education Abroad Cost?

There is no magic number that accurately captures the cost of education abroad because it varies greatly depending on multiple variables.

The image below depicts a few of those variables including program type, location and duration of the education abroad program. Not pictured but of equal influence are whether an education abroad student completes scholarship applications as well as their individual spending habits before, during and after the education abroad program.


Weighing Costs & Benefits

Type: Third-party provider programs and international internships typically cost more than exchange partner programs because they offer additional student support services not always guaranteed by other program types; however, these programs often counter this cost increase by making scholarships available to CCU applicants. Exchange partner programs require CCU students to pay the same tuition fees that they would normally pay for a regular term at CCU; therefore, the biggest difference in the price of an exchange partner program and the price of the same term at CCU is the cost of living difference between Conway and the program location.

Length: Shorter programs cost less, but semester and year-long programs can provide more value. Students can earn more academic credits in a semester, so a long-term program should cost more! It often helps to break down a program's cost by week rather than looking at the total. Understanding the average cost per week may help you better understand the value of a program while you also consider the return on investment that may come from spending more time in-country.

Location: Australia, New Zealand, and countries in Western Europe are typically more expensive locations whereas some non-traditional education abroad destinations are more affordable. Additionally, students who travel to less traditional locations are usually looked upon more favorably by scholarships, just like the students who live abroad for a full semester or year.

Education Abroad Cost

The truth is that tuition and fees of certain education abroad programs cost less than or the same as CCU tuition and fees. Conversely, some programs cost more than the cost of attendance at CCU for an entire academic year. For this reason, it is imperative that students discuss education abroad program options with their campus advisers and are transparent about existing financial restraints. An early discussion about a student's plan for funding their education abroad experience allows campus advisers to help students connect with a variety of financial resources and choose a program that makes sense for their budget.

CCU recognizes that not all students who want to participate in education abroad are financially able to do so; however, this is often because students are unwilling to consider more affordable program options and/or do not give themselves enough time to apply for financial aid, loans, and multiple scholarships.

Funding is available, but students have to find it and plan far enough in advance to meet application deadlines. The Education Abroad team is committed to supporting students by helping them to access academically relevant and affordable international education experiences that take their degrees to the next level.