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Getting Started

Choosing to study, research or intern abroad is one of the best decisions a student can make, and we are thrilled you are considering a semester, academic year or short-term experience!

There are academic, financial and logistical considerations that go into the process of selecting an education abroad program, so students will have to plan early and work effectively with campus advisers. The Center for Global Engagement staff is available to help students identify and apply for a program that best suits their academic, professional and personal goals.

Use Your Resources

Using our online resources, students obtain basic information about program locations, costs and requirements.This website contains a tremendous amount of information for CCU students who are thinking about participating in education abroad. To begin, students need to learn the difference between the four types of education abroad opportunities available at CCU: Faculty-led Programs, Exchange Partner Programs, Third-party Provider Programs and International Internships. Each type has its own unique set of application requirements and will provide a unique opportunity. It is essential that students choose a program that aligns with their academic degree, career plans and personal goals and budget.

What Questions Do You Have?

After students review our website, read over answers to some Frequently Asked Questions and think through possible options. You are welcome to contact or visit the Center for Global Engagement for additional information. The Education Abroad team is available to answer questions and discuss concerns!

We are located in the Lib Jackson Student Union, Room A-109.

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