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Business Studies in Europe

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  • Locations: Paris, France; Zurich, Switzerland; Munich, Germany; Vienna, Austria
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  • Program Dates: May 9 - June 4, 2022
  • Travel Dates: May 14 - May 30, 2022
  • Cost: $4,108 plus tuition, tech fee, and estimated out-of-pocket expenses
  • Online Application

This short-term, faculty-led program offers students the opportunity to experience cultural diversity through four countries in Europe. Students will explore cities rich in history while taking part in their program(s) of study. Cultural excursions, business site visits, and/or lectures from partner university instructors in Paris, Zurich, Munich, and Vienna will offer students opportunities to practice leadership skills such as time management, emotional intelligence, personal values & ethics basis, critical thinking/problem solving, self-control, and oral communication skills in culturally diverse settings. Course instruction will take place before, during, and after the travel abroad via face-to-face, hybrid, and online instruction.

Course Information 

CBAD 290 - Business Communications
Course Instructor: Cari Borisuk
Credits Offered: 3
Course Prerequisites: None

This course examines methods of business communication with key stakeholders and provides practical applications for written, oral, and interpersonal communications with an emphasis on cross-cultural differences in Europe (France, Switzerland, Germany, and Austria).

CBAD 301 Q - Management and Organizations
Course Instructor: Jacob A. Voegel
Credits Offered: 3
Course Prerequisite:  None

This course is a survey of the basic principles of management with emphasis on social and behavioral issues.  The course provides the basis for thinking about and taking action in complex business situations in the framework of the management process.  These concepts will be examined in accordance to the cross-cultural differences of France, Switzerland, Germany, and Austria.

Program Leaders

Cari Borisuk, Lecturer, Management and Decision Sciences, 843-349-4025
Cari is a lecturer of Management and Decision Sciences in the Wall College of Buisiness. She completd MBA at The University of Georgia. Mrs. Borisuk specializes in General Management and teaches courses in the Introduction to Global Business, Integrated Business Communications, and Management and Organizations. She gained travel abroad experience by going as a mentee on the Business Culture in Spain program. Mrs. Borisuk has also traveled to Chile, Argentina, much of ltaly, Cuba and Costa Rica, among other countries. 

Jacob Voegel, Assistant Professor, Management and Decision Sciences, 843-349-6401
Dr. Voegel is an assistant professor of Management and Decision Sciences in the Wall College of Business.  He earned his Ph.D. from Southern Illinois University and specialized in entrepreneurship and ethics. Dr. Voegel believes traveling is invaluable: "Experiencing cultures around the world is eye-opening and leads to a greater appreciation of our diversities". As a faculty member, Dr. Voegel has participated in a study abroad to Europe. He spent a summer in China pursuing an international business degree. His other travels include Honduras, Guatemala, Mexico, and the Dominican Republic.  

Cost to Participate = Program Fee ($4108) + Tuition (Varies) + Out-of-pocket Expenses ($753)


The tuition for this program is for Maymester term.


Included in Program Fee:  Roundtrip airfare from Myrtle Beach to France, then Austria to Myrtle Beach; transportation in program between countries; accommodations while in country; most meals; local transportation; planned excursions; and emergency medical insurance.


Not Included in Program Fee: 


  • Tuition
  • Estimated out-of-pocket expenses not covered by program fee: $408 for meals, $200 for COVID-19 testing (as applicable for entry/reentry and travel between countries)


Discounted Tuition for Education Abroad Students: $416/credit
CCU credits  Program Fee Tuition  Technology Fee
Expenses (estimate)
Cost to
3 credits $4108 $1248 $15 $753 $6124
6 credits $4108 $2496 $30 $753 $7387


Payment Schedule

Payment Due Date Amount Due
Deposit Oct. 27, 2021 $300 (refundable until commitment deadline Dec. 4, 2021)
Program Fee Payment  Feb. 11, 2022 $3808
Tuition and Technology Fee Payment May 7, 2022 Varies (see above)

Deposits can be made in person at Student Accounts or by phone. After acceptance to the program, the payment of the program fee as well as payment of tuition can be made online through WebAdvisor or in-person/by phone through Student Accounts. Tuition charges are distinct and different from program fee charges. Please note that payments made with a debit or credit card will be charged a non-refundable service fee of 2.7 percent. For more information about methods of payment, visit Student Accounts.

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