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From Castles to Corporations: Global Strategy in the U.K.

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This program offers students the opportunity to study international business and strategic management across England and Scotland, with a focus on how institutional forces and cultural differences not only shape business practices but also how they have a real impact on firm performance. In the past, students have visited multinational corporations such as Land Rover, Jaguar, and John Deere, and also smaller organizations such as Aston Villa Football Club, Nottingham Forest Football Club, and Triumph Motorcycles to bring home the many lessons derived through daily classes in the magnificent nineteenth century Harlaxton Manor, where students will live and study for a majority of the program. Other trip highlights include cultural excursions to London, England – complete with a tour of the palace of Westminster (the home of the famous ‘Big Ben’) – and Edinburgh, Scotland – where students can tour Edinburgh Castle or enjoy on of Edinburg’s noted ghost, Moreover, students will hone their professional skills through a formal business etiquette banquet an networking activities.

Physical Requirements: The physical demands of the program include city walking and hiking on uneven surfaces for several hours at a time. Student applicants with allergies, mobility concerns and other health- or ability-related concerns must reach out directly to Harlaxton College for more information:

Course Information

Students participating in this program can choose to take one or both courses offered at undergraduate and graduate level.  

CBAD 478 Q – Strategic Management
Course Instructor: David Fink
Credits offered: 3
Course Prerequisites: C or better in CBAD 301, CBAD 350, CBAD 363, and CBAD 373

This course focuses on how firms can create and sustain competitive advantage through strategic fit between the firm and its external environment. Particular attention will be paid to integrating the functional areas of the firm to engender a general management perspective.

CBAD 401: International Business
Course Instructor: Matthew Gilbert
Credits offered: 3
Course Prerequisites: C or better in CBAD 120, CBAD 301, and CBAD 350

A study of the significant aspects of international business operations, including historical development of foreign trade policy and operative problems of international business operations, principle areas of study are international business environment, and managing the multinational enterprise.

MBA 690: Global Strategy
Course Instructor: David Fink
Credits Offered: 3
Course Prerequisite: MBA 620 and MBA 631

The course develops a multiple stakeholder approach to organizational change efforts directed toward the implementation of strategic goals in the context of define strategies. The course emphasizes a focus on dynamic adaptation and organizational alignment areas that promote effective critical change paths and continuous improvement. The course utilizes project-based and experiential approaches to engage critical reflection by students of such efforts in the context of real and simulated situations.

MBA 660: Global Business
Course Instructor: David Fink
Credits Offered: 3
Course Prerequisite: None

This course prompts students to analyze systematically the various institutional facets of the global business environment and their effect on the operations and management firms. Topics addressed will include such areas as foreign direct investment, export and import trade, supranational institutions that influence trade and investment, and monetary systems and financial markets. Attention is also devoted to country analysis, political risk, and contemporary issues such as offshoring international expansion, corporate social responsibility, sustainability, and cross-cultural management challenges.

Accommodations and Meals

While at Harlaxton Manor, students will stay in dormitory-style rooms, which sleep between two and four people and have access to shared facilities. On overnight excursions, students will stay in budget-friendly hotels with double or triple occupancy. Cafeteria-style breakfasts, lunches, and dinners are provided while at Harlaxton Manor only. Students are responsible for all other meals to include meals on excursions.

Program Leaders

David Fink, Senior Lecturer and BASE Program Executive, 843-349-3468

David Fink is a lecturer in the Department of Management and Decision Sciences and Executive in Residence at Coastal Carolina University. He teaches courses on strategic management, leadership, and healthcare administration. Prior to arriving at CCU, Mr. Fink served in executive level positions in several firms in the healthcare sector, which informs his continuing consulting practice. He has traveled extensively both professionally and personally, including trips to South Africa, Australia, and Italy, among many others. He has also led students to the U.K. on three occasions.

‌‌Matthew Gilbert standing in front of Taj MahalMatthew Gilbert, Lecturer, Marketing Director, Each 1 Teach 1 Institute, 843-349-4103

Matthew A. Gilbert is lecturer of marketing in the Wall College of Business and director of the Brown Family Each One Teach One Entrepreneurship Institute. Prior to joining Coastal Carolina University in August 2020, he educated undergraduates in the United Arab Emirates for six years. While an expat, he visited Cyprus, India, Oman, and Peru. He previously traveled to Canada, England, France, Israel, and Mexico. With more than 25 years of professional experience managing people, products, and projects, he brings a practical perspective to his classes and inspires students to do the same. When asked why teaching is his tenure he explains, “education empowers me to influence individuals and impact organizations while simultaneously improving myself.”

Cost to Participate = Program Fee ($5096) + Tuition (Varies) + Technology Fee (Varies) + Out-of-pocket Expenses ($890)

The tuition for this program is for Maymester term.

Included in Program Fee: Roundtrip airfare from U.S. to the United Kingdom; accommodations while in country; most meals; local transportation; planned cultural excursions and activities; and emergency medical insurance.

Not included in Program Fee: Tuition. Estimated out-of-pocket expenses for meals ($245), passport cost ($145), excursions and miscellaneous expenses ($300) not covered by the program, COVID-19 testing as needed for entry/return ($200).  

Discounted Tuition for Education Abroad Students: $416/credit
CCU credits  Program Fee Tuition  Technology Fee
Expenses (estimate)
Cost to
3 credits $5096 $1248 $15 $890 $7249
6 credits $5096 $2496 $30 $890 $8512


Payment Schedule

Payment Due Date Amount Due
Deposit Oct. 27, 2021 $300 (refundable until commitment deadline Dec. 4, 2021)
Remaining Program Fee Payment  Feb. 11, 2022 $4796
Tuition and Technology Fee Payment May 7, 2022 Varies (see above)

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