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Pop Culture in London: Past, Present, Future

Offering both core and upper-division courses in Communication and English (COMM 160, ENGL 205, ENGL 334), this study abroad program introduces students to the rich and varied cultures of London, focusing on diverse spoken, visual, and written popular texts that represent the city’s global identity. Through their experiences in the program, students will develop critical thinking skills and insights as well as gain applicable knowledge by building collaboratively on their communication, cultural, literary, and social practices. In addition to the individual course activities and visits to iconic locations in and around London, students will also participate in a variety of collective cultural experiences, including neighborhood walks, theater, pop art and musical events, historic and contemporary architectural tours, and discussions led by local experts sharing their perspectives on diasporic London. The curricular and co-curricular activities in the program are designed to fulfill students’ academic development through coursework while exposing them to the cultural contexts in which we navigate the global and social world.

Course Information

COMM 160 – Persuasion
Course Instructor: Cassandra Hill
Credits Offered: 3
Prerequite: None

Persuasion focuses on the production, communication, and reception of influence messages. This study abroad experience aims to equip students with an in-depth understanding of persuasive processes and best practices, allowing students to identify and critique many of the persuasive strategies we encounter daily in historical and contemporary contexts. After completing this course, you should be able to think critically about messages, recognize the persuasive strategies in interpersonal, group, and mass communication contexts, critique the effectiveness and appropriateness of the strategies used, and offer insights for how these strategies may be changed. You should also be able to discuss ethical implication of various types of persuasive strategies.

ENGL 205 – Literature and Culture (Pop Cultures in and of London)
Course Instructor: Dr. Tripthi Pillai
Course Credit: 3
Course Prerequisite: C or better in ENGL 101

This course focuses on the itinerary and visual texts that navigate the diverse spatial and temporal contexts of popular culture in/of London. Materials covered in this course will emphasize literal and metaphorical points of view of perspective. In your study, you will conjoin these elements with rigorous analyses of the diverse forms and processes by authors, artists, viewers, and readers simultaneously are influences by and create the environments within which they operate as artists, critical thinkers, and contributors to contemporary culture. In particular the course will enable you to take active part in the analyses of literary and artistic phenomena that consolidate popular cultural experiences in and of London.

ENGL 344 - Perspectives on British Literatures and Cultures
Course Instructor: Dr. Tripthi Pillai
Course Credit: 3
Course Prerequsites: C or better in ENGL 101 and ENGL 102

This course focuses on the intersections of high and low cultures of London as represented in literary and visual texts. As we navigate the assigned texts as well as our temporal, spatial, and affective engagements with London and its surroundings, we will focus on the multiplicities and complexities of the diverse communities that have called and/or call London "home." Collaboratively, we will map 'the transformations in London's identity through the texts and cultural environments we analyze, paying close attention to such aspects as the effects of industrialization, urbanization, colonization and decolonization, and globalization on the geopolitical, cultural, and affective economies of the city and its inhabitants.

Program Leaders

Tripthi Pillai photoDr. Tripthi Pillai, Associate Professor
tpillai@coastal.edu, 843-234-3410
Scholarly and teaching expertise are in British literatures and cultures.
Holds a PhD in English Literature, with a focus on Shakespeare and Renaissance Studies. Teaches undergraduate and graduate courses and publishes in topics on Shakespeare, Critical Theory, Cultural Studies, Film and New Media, and Women and Gender Studies.
Coordinator of the Arts and Humanities Global Experience Program (AHGEP), which focuses on developing students’ global cultural experiences in and learning about contemporary social topics and issues.
At Coastal, has successfully led two AHGEP Student Ambassador Groups on short-term study abroad programs in London, UK (2016, 2018).
At Coastal, has successfully participated in the menteeship program (2011), and she also has collaborated with Easton Selby in mentoring a faculty led member during the London-Paris study abroad
At Coastal, has successfully co-led (with Prof. Selby) a Maymester study abroad program to London and Paris.
Has lived, studies, and/or worked in multiple countries including the UK, India, France, and Nigeria to name a few countries
Has several faculty and administrative contacts in the UK, specifically London, who collaborate with her on a regular basis to optimize CCU students’ learning experiences while in the UK.
Has managed budgets ranging from $6000 to $45000 as a part of her work as AHGEP coordinator and is familiar with Travel Card expense settlement and allocation protocols.
Travel Experience: UK, EU (multiple countries), Nigeria, Botswana, Dubai, India, Thailand, Japan, China, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Tibet, USA, Canada, Mexico.

Dr. Cassandra Hill, Assistant Professor
chill2@coastal.edu, 843-349-6627
Scholarly expertise in persuasion/social influence, decision-making, and social support.
Teaches undergraduate and graduate courses and publishes in topics on Persuasion and Social Influence, Decision-Making and Deliberation, Family Communication, and Advocacy.
Team Travel abroad group facilitator/financial accounting/ leadership experience:
Swan Christian College (Perth, Australia), Spring 2002 International Experience. On Location: Bangkok, Chang Mai & Hua Hin, Thailand.
Oasis International (CA, USA) Orphanage Construction, June 2006. On Location: Cluj-Napoca, Romania.
Oasis International (CA, USA) Dental Clinic, July 2007. On Location: Boquete, Panama.
Oasis International TESOL, March 2008. On Location: Bangalore, Puducherry, & Tiruvannamalai, India.
Facilitated group stop-overs in the UK for cultural experience.
Lived Abroad: Perth, Western Australia (5 years) & Antigua, West Indies (3.5 years).
Sojourner Travel Experience: Azerbaijan, Turkey, Egypt, Hungary, Ireland, Wales, England, Lithuania, Romania, Papua New Guinea, Indonesia, Thailand, New Zealand, Belize, Honduras, Mexico, Panama, Canada.

Cost to Participate = Program Fee ($3450) + Tuition (Varies) + Airfare (Not Included in Program Fee, Estimated $1200) + Technology Fees (Varies) + Out-of-pocket Expenses ($2078)

The tuition for this program is for Maymester term.

Included in Program Fee: Accommodations while in country; eight group dinners; local transportation; planned excursions; and emergency medical insurance.

Not Included in Program Fee: 

  • Tuition
  • Airfare (estimated $1200)     
  • Estimated out-of-pocket expenses: $370 for meals, $145 for passport cost, $100 optional excursions and miscellaneous expenses not covered by program fee, and $200 for COVID test (as required for entry/reentry)    
Discounted Tuition for Education Abroad Students: $416/credit
CCU credits  Program Fee Tuition  Technology Fee
Expenses (estimate)
Cost to
3 credits $3450 $1248 $15 $3278 $7991
6 credits $3450 $2496 $30 $3278 $9254


Payment Schedule

Payment Due Date Amount Due
Deposit Oct. 27, 2021 $300 (refundable until commitment deadline Dec. 4, 2021)
Remaining Program Fee Payment  Feb. 11, 2022 $3150
Tuition and Technology Fee Payment May 7, 2022 Varies (see above)

After acceptance to the program, the payment of the program fee as well as payment of tuition can be made online through WebAdvisor or in-person/by phone through Student Accounts. Tuition charges are distinct and different from program fee charges. Please note that payments made with a debit or credit card will be charged a non-refundable service fee of 2.7 percent. For more information about methods of payment, visit Student Accounts.

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