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Business Studies in Europe

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This faculty-led program is a flagship program that, for more than 20 years, has taught business students how basic principles of management are applied in diverse socioeconomic environments. This Maymester, Chants will travel to Italy, Austria, Germany, and the Netherlands to attend educational workshops, work in teams with European students, and visit multinational companies such as Beretta, BMW, SolarWorld, and DHL. Comparing and contrasting European cultures will allow our traveling scholars to realize how international organizations adapt to the business environments in which they operate.

Between classes, students will visit the ancient Verona Arena, explore the spectacular Grand Canal in Venice, and breathe in the fresh mountain air of the Austrian Alps. Apply today for the chance to wander the main square of Munich that has stayed vibrant since 1158, see the castle-laden region of the Middle Rhine, and stare up at the gothic spires of Germany’s famous Cologne Cathedral. This once-in-a-lifetime opportunity will advance your business acumen to another level and help you compete in an increasing global economy.

Physical Requirements: considerable amount of walking (more than 10,000 steps daily), at times on uneven surfaces. Program participants will climb steep stairways and navigate narrow doorways, so students are expected to wear suitable footwear.

Other Requirements: the program includes visits to religious sites, and modest clothing is expected of all students to include covered shoulders and midriff, hemlines not higher than mid-thigh, etc.

Course Information 

Students participating in this program can take one or both of the following courses:

CBAD 364 Q Operations Management. (3 credits). (Prereq: CBAD 292 and CBAD 301 with a grade of C or better). Course introduces students to the design, operation, and improvement of service, manufacturing, and distribution processes. The integration of operations management with other organizational functions to achieve strategic goals is discussed throughout the course.
Instructor: David Doerring

CBAD 499 Selected Topics in Business. (3 credits). (Prereq: None). Course provides business majors an opportunity to study in small groups, selected topics in business/economics under the guidance of a faculty member.  The CBAD 499 offered through this program will help student develop a better understanding of the economy, business practices and cultures throughout Europe with a special focus on Italy, Germany and Iceland.
Instructor: Kay Keene

Faculty and Staff Leaders 

‌‌David Doerring, Lecturer of Management and Decision Sciences, 843-349-2837

David Doerring is a Lecturer of Management and Decision Science at the Wall College of Business. He holds a Masters of International Business Studies degree from the University of South Carolina and has focused his professional career on international business and understanding multinational organizations. Professor Doerring has more than 25 years of work experience in manufacturing, accounting, and enterprise information solutions. His work experience includes NCR, AT&T, TEREX, and AVX Corporation. Professor Doerring has lived, worked, and traveled in South America, Mexico, and Europe. He speaks basic Spanish and Portuguese.

Kay Keene, Lecturer of Management and Decision Sciences, 843-349-2265

Kay Keene is a Lecturer of Management and Decision Science at the Wall College of Business. She has taught CBAD 120, UNIV 110, CBAD 301 and MGMT 497. She earned a B.S. in Management from Florida State University and completed her MBA with an emphasis in Entrepreneurial Management. Professor Keene has traveled to China, Canada, Europe, and the Caribbean. She believes experience is a great teacher and travel abroad enhances students’ understanding of people. She speaks basic Spanish.

Cost to Participate = Program Fee ($4250) + (Number of Credits x Tuition Rate) + Out-of-pocket Expenses

The tuition for this course is for Maymester term. 

Included in Program Fee: Roundtrip airfare from U.S. to Europe; transportation between countries plus ground transportation; accommodations (twin or triple hotel rooms); some meals; planned excursions; and emergency medical insurance ($1.80 a day, for every day traveling).

Not Included in Program Fee:

  • Estimated out-of-pocket expenses:$685 for meals not covered by program fees plus $200 for optional activities and miscellaenous spending. Please note that this estimate will vary based on individual spending habits and does not cover the cost of a new passport. Students should ask their program leaders for more details about estimated out-of-pocket expenses.
  • Pre-departure housing: Students will be meeting on campus in the week leading up to the departure date and must have accommodations during this period.  Students should confirm the departure date with their program leaders before securing housing.
Discounted Tuition for Education Abroad Students: $366/credit
CCU credits  Program Fee Tuition  Technology Fee
Cost to
3 credits $4550 $1098 $15 $885 $6548
6 credits $4550 $2196 $30 $885 $7661


Payment Schedule

Payment Due Date Amount Due
Deposit Oct. 30 $300 (refundable until commitment deadline Dec. 5, 2019)
Program Fee Payment Feb. 11 $4250
Tuition and Technology Fee Payment May 9 Varies (see above)

Deposits can be made in person at Student Accounts or by phone. After acceptance to the program, the payment of the program fee as well as payment of tuition can be made online through WebAdvisor or in-person/by phone through Student Accounts. Tuition charges are distinct and different from program fee charges. Please note that payments made with a debit or credit card will be charged a service fee of 2.7 percent. For more information about methods of payment, visit Student Accounts.