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Life, Media and Culture in Berlin

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  • Location: Berlin, Germany
  • Program Dates: May 11 - June 4, 2020
  • Travel Dates: May 16 - May 31, 2020 (to be confirmed)
  • Cost to Participate: $3327 plus tuition
  • Application Information
  • Online Application
  • Courses Offered
  • COMM 150 Media, Self and the World
  • LIS 410 Media and Culture of Berlin
  • GERM 301L Language and Culture Lab

This faculty-led program offers students the opportunity to engage with the diverse cultures of Berlin, the lives of Berliners, and their depictions in various media. The program starts with a tour of World War II German air raid shelters and the Nazis' vision of Germania. Then, we examine daily experiences of East and West Berliners living within the divided city. Turning to contemporary Berlin culture, the program will examine how globalized culture – especially film, video games, and board games – help integrate the city's multifaceted and ever increasing populace. All tours and excursions will be completed as a group, but pre-departure classroom instruction and specific requirements abroad will vary for each student based on the courses in which they are enrolled.

Students in COMM 150 will focus on how media (specifically film, television, and advertising) convey cultural norms, values and experiences as they work to build a collective identity for the residents of Berlin. Students in LIS 410 will investigate and compare the micro-cultures in neighborhoods formerly separated by the Berlin Wall, and ultimately, they will use their understanding of how media expresses life experiences to produce a final work that conveys Berlin’s multiculturalism. Students in GERM 301 will enjoy practicing their language skills by speaking with Germans and sharpening their ears by hearing the local accent. Join us in the capital and largest city of Germany for two weeks of travel, learning and discovery!

Physical Requirements: A certain amount of city walking is required. When possible, public transportation such as subways, trains, buses and streetcars will be used, but walking up to 20 minutes will be unavoidable on occasion.

Course Information

Students must take at least two of the three courses.

COMM 150 Media, Self and the World. (3 credits). (Prereq: none). Examines the many ways media systems and mediated communication shape our understanding of ourselves and our world. How various media (e.g., television, internet, newspapers) interact and deliver content (e.g., entertainment, news, advertising) that influence the “real world” are examined. Also looks at how new technologies allow easier direct access to content. Special attention is given to how students can apply media literacy skills to their academic and personal lives. Satisfies Core Goal 2, Part B Human and Social Behavior. 
Instructor: Simone Boissonneault

LIS 410 Media and Culture of Berlin. (3 credits). (Prereq: None). This course focuses on the culture and life experiences of Berliners, as well as on Berlin itself as a site of intercultural exchange as it is depicted and reflected in various forms of media.
Instructor: Alex Hogue

GERM 301L Language and Culture Lab. (1 credit). (Prereq: GERM 211 and permission of instructor). Practice in various aspects of the German language in conjunction with a course with an LIS designation on a topic related to German. Activities may include conversation, translation, reading, and listening exercises. May be used to fulfill required electives for the German minor. May be repeated for up to 6 credits under different topics.
Instructor: Alex Hogue

Program Leaders

Alex Hogue, Assistant Professor, 843-349-6904

Dr. Alex Hogue has taught German culture and language since 2008, and in May 2018, he traveled with CCU's faculty-led study abroad program "Coastal in Berlin." Dr. Hogue is interested in exploring the diverse media, cultures, identities, and neighborhood-specific micro-cultures of Germany's capital city with CCU students. His research interests center on film and games - two media which convey cultural values as well as personal experience and are crucial to understanding German culture.

Simone Boissonnault, Lecturer, 843-349-2843

Simone Boissonneault began her studies of German at the University of Kentucky and earned a Master's degree in German from the same institution. Her interest in German language and broader culture of the German-speaking world started with film and has grown through experiences traveling abroad. Simone has taught German since 2012, and her research focuses on film, comics, and games studies in a German-speaking context.

Cost to Participate = Program Fee ($3,327) + Tuition (Number of Credits x Tuition Rate) + Out-of-pocket Expenses

The tuition for this course is for Maymester term. 

Included in Program Fee: Roundtrip airfare from U.S. to Germany; accommodations while in country; groups dinners on the first and last nights; local transporation; planned excursions; and emergency medical insurance ($1.80 a day, for every day traveling).

Not Included in Program Fee:

  • Estimated out-of-pocket expenses:$435 for meals not covered by program fee plus $300 for optional excursions and miscellaneous expenses. Please note that this estimate will vary based on individual spending habits and does not cover the cost of a new passport. Students should ask their program leaders for more details about estimated out-of-pocket expenses.
  • Pre-departure Housing: Students will be meeting on campus in the week leading up to the departure date and must have accommodations during this period.  Students should confirm the departure date with their program leaders before securing housing.
Discounted Tuition for Education Abroad Students: $366/credit
CCU credits  Program Fee Tuition  Technology Fee

Cost to

3 credits $3327 $1098 $15 $735 $5175
4 credits $3327 $1464 $20 $735 $5546
6 credits $3327 $2196 $30 $735 $6288
7 credits $3327  $2562 $35 $735 $6659


Payment Schedule

Payment Due Date Amount Due
Deposit Oct. 30 $300 (refundable before commitment deadline Dec. 5)
Program Fee Payment Feb. 11 $3,027
Tuition and Technology Fee Payment May 9 Varies (see above)

Deposits can be made in person at Student Accounts or by phone. After acceptance to the program, the payment of the program fee as well as payment of tuition can be made online through WebAdvisor or in-person/by phone through Student Accounts. Tuition charges are distinct and different from program fee charges. Please note that payments made with a debit or credit card will be charged a service fee of 2.7 percent. For more information about methods of payment, visit Student Accounts.


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