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Third Party Provider Programs

Third-party provider programs are the most geographically diverse options, covering more than 20 countries (including the open seas)!

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AIFS Study Abroad

American Institute for Foreign Study has unique study abroad programs in more than 32 countries in Asia, Australia, Europe, South Africa, and the Americas. Volunteer and service-learning opportunities are available. For internship programs, they have part-time and full-time opportunities with placements available in over 40 career field areas.  

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Academic Programs International’s programs offer course credit, service hours, work experience, or all three. They have over 200 programs to choose from not just studying abroad, but virtual study abroad and internships as well. They also have in-country resident directors that will ensure your safety, design culturally-relevant excursions, and are available to help with any issues that may arise. 

Cultural Experience Abroad logo


Cultural Experience Abroad has a variety of programs including standard, hybrid, multi-site, FYE (first-year experience), internships and service-learning, and GCDC (global career development certificate). They have over 500 programs available. They also offer travel vouchers and scholarships.  

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Center for International Studies Abroad has 104 Available Programs in over 16 different countries including short-term and semester long+ study abroad opportunities/internships. This includes virtual internships as well.   

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IES Abroad

The Institute for the International Education of Students offers 140+ study abroad programs in 34 locations around the world and has partnerships with more than 500 global universities and colleges. In addition to part-time internships available for study abroad programs, IES Internships offer full-time summer and semester internships.  

International Studies Abroad by WorldStrides logo


Internships & Service-Learning offers high-quality education abroad programming in Africa, Asia, Europe, Latin America, and the Pacific, providing a range of study abroad, an internship abroad, and service-learning opportunities.

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Semester at Sea

Semester at Sea takes a global comparative approach to study abroad using a ship as its traveling campus and sailing to multiple ports around the world.