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CCU Education Abroad Scholarships

Several scholarships support education abroad program participation by CCU students. Please click on each program below to access a fuller description and instructions for application. Deadline: October 29, 2021

All scholarships will be submitted via online links.  Please follow the directions to upload required information as provided on the link for each scholarship below.  Deadline for submission is October 29, 2021, and decisions will be communicated to students by Thanksgiving.

Engineers Abroad Scholarship (Application)
Available to engineering science majors in the amount of $1,000 per student to participate in the Engineering Science program as part of the Coastal in the Highlands faculty-led education abroad program in Maymester 2022.     

Global Citizenship Diversity Abroad Award (Application
Available to students who have demonstrated a commitment to increasing opportunities for members of underrepresented groups, breaking down stereotypes, and/or enabling others to better understand persons of different races, ethnicities or other identities.

Graduate International Enrichment Scholarship (Application)
Available to degree-seeking graduate students at CCU who are participating in any short-term, long-term, international internship education abroad program or experience (i.e. scholarly conference) offered through Coastal Carolina University that provides substantial international enrichment. Minoritized students are encouraged to apply.    

Gupta College of Science Study Abroad Scholarship (Application)
Available to majors from the Gupta College of Science to participate in any CCU-approved education abroad program (short-term faculty-led programs, semester programs, or international internships).

Horry County Higher Education Commission International Awareness Award (Application)
Available to graduates of accredited high schools in Horry County (both current CCU students and new students who have been admitted to CCU). 

HTC Honors College Global Engagement Award (Application)
Available to students in the Honors College, this award can be used to participate in CCU-approved short-term (faculty-led), long-term programs, or international internship programs.

Intercultural Language Study Abroad Scholarship (Application)
Available to students who want to participate in study abroad programs that combine the study of language or culture with another discipline. Preference will be given to applicants who have either completed or are currently enrolled in a 200-level course or higher of a language taught at CCU or who are proposing to study a language not taught at CCU and who can document how this program will support their personal and professional development.  Supported by a grant from the US Department of Education's UISFL Program.

Marilyn and David Domke Study Abroad Scholarship (Application)
Available to first-generation college students who have applied to short-term or long-term education abroad programs offered through Coastal Carolina University.

Spadoni College of Education and Social Sciences Education Abroad Scholarship (Application)
Available to majors in the Spadoni College of Education and Social Sciences to support the participation in CCU education abroad programs.

Thomas W. and Robin W. Edwards College of Humanities and Fine Arts Board of Visitors Study Abroad Annual Scholarship (Application)
Available to majors from the Edwards College of Humanities and Fine Arts to participate in short-term study abroad opportunities sponsored and organized through the Edwards College of Humanities and Fine Arts.

Wall College of Business Board of Visitors Study Abroad Scholarship (Application)
Available to majors in the Wall College of Business to participate in any education abroad program sponsored by or organized through the Wall College of Business.

Wall College of Business Global Leadership Development Study Abroad Scholarship (Application)
Available to students who are in an eligible Wall College of Business’ leadership development program for them to study on a short-term study abroad program that includes leadership development activities.

Global Virtual Experience Award (Application)
Available to all CCU students to participate in virtual international internships approved by Coastal Carolina University.


Interested in other funding to support your education abroad?

Additional scholarships are available through outside funding sources and nationally competitive scholarship programs.  CCU offers mentoring to support your application to many of these programs.  Please click here to be linked to these programs.

To discuss other questions related to scholarships for education abroad programs, please reach out to or visit LJSU A109.

To explore study abroad opportunities, please visit Step 2 Research Programs